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Geshrinari Scullery

Typically located next to the galley and or dining room the scullery is where all the items used for preparation, serving and consuming food are brought to for cleaning.

A standard ship's door with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System opens into the end of the room. There is a large sink where the items are scraped and rinsed of food scraps before being placed into one of two automated dishwashers. One is for the dishes, glasses and flatware. The other machine is for washing the serving and cooking implements. The units sort and stack the items at the far end so the crew can easily take them back to where they are stored.


There is ceiling mounted lighting, as well as Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System dispersal nozzles through out the suite. The floor is covered in the sealed tile in case of a leak.

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