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Geshrinari Standard Engineering

The Geshrinari Shipyards engineering is two decks tall and filled with noisy tightly-packed machinery and systems. A catwalk runs around the room on the upper level in place of a floor, with ladders placed for ascending and descending. The aether power plant is located in the center of the room. There are two electrical power generators on the port side of the room The hyperspace drive is located on the starboard side of the room.

On the upper level on either side are the electrical distribution panels, which consist of banks of switches and breakers. These are used to balance power loads on the two generators.


There are four doors to enter engineering, from the front and back on both decks. There is a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System station next to each door way. There are two consoles in the front of the room which are used to control the equipment in the room.

Bridge Station

The floor is metal with skid resistant features. There is ceiling mounted lighting, as well as Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System dispersal nozzles through out the suite.

There are a number of maintenance conduits that can be entered from engineering.

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