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Cub Hover car

The Ocelot Brand 'Cub' Is a basic Hover car intended for daily use by civilians. It is manufactured by Origin Motors Corporation, a branch of Origin Industries.


  • Weathertight cabin
  • Available Leather Seating
  • Available Autopilot
  • Coupe and Sedan models


  • Coupe: 4,000-6,000 KS
  • Sedan: 5,000-7,000 KS

The Ocelot is available in any color you can name or provide a sample for, at no extra cost. Specific color schemes and patterns may also be requested, but may carry an extra charge (around 50-150 KS depending on the complexity)


The Cub is a small, rounded hovercar with pronounced fenders and low-mounted headlights. It can have 2-4 doors, depending on model. Minor details are subject to change due to Options.

Sedan model with Ultra-luxe trim


The Ocelot Cub is a high-speed hover car capable of traveling great distances effortlessly due to its powerful hover pads. The cabin is water-tight and has several armrests and cupholders. A surround sound speaker system is hooked up to the radio system for listening pleasure. The Ocelot Cub can be controlled either through standard car-type controls, or through an available autopilot system. The Ocelot Cub usually keeps about 1 foot of the ground, but this is variable depending on terrain and pilot preferences. The Ocelot is entered via doors on each side which Open outwards, towards the front.


Top speed:200 MPH Range: Limited to land and water. Crew: 1 Driver, 3-4 passengers. climb/descent: 45% grade


Mass: Coupe: .75 ton Sedan: 1 ton Length: Coupe: 3 meters, Sedan: 4 Meters Width: 1.6 Meters Height: 1.3 Meters


Air Conditioning

The Ocelot Cub has a simple A/C system which can cool and heat the interior of the vehicle. It uses either heat given off by the power source or condensation of a coolant to heat or cool the air, which is then blown through ducts in the cabin by a series of small, quiet fans. The A/C system uses a set of filters to filter and clean incoming air of pollutants and contaminants, but these filters may become clogged and need regular replacement. the filters are common sizes and may be replaced with generic components.

Body and Frame

The Ocelot Cub is made from Lightweight durandium panels reinforced by a durandium frame. Likewise, the windows are made of Durandium-T, for all-around protection, as well as the make sure that there is no dangerous glass to shatter and harm the occupants.


The Ocelot Cub contains a radio system which allows the user to hear any public channel. It also has a handset which allows them to call for help, or communicate with nearby people. The System is capable of interfacing with portable music devices to play the owners' own music.


The Ocelot Cub is propelled by a set of Hoverpads which manipulate gravity in such as way as to keep the car off the ground, as well as to move it in any direction desired by driver inputs.

Power Sources

The Cub can be purchased with Either an Aether power source, a Fusion power source, or a Hydrogen power source. All three power sources have the same cost, but different ranges.

  • Aether: Unlimited range
  • Fusion: 10,000 Miles
  • Hydrogen: 1,000 Miles


The Ocelot Cub contains a small storage space behind the rear seats which has 6 cubic feet of space. it can only be accessed from inside the vehicle.


The Ocelot Cub has room for Four people in the Coupe version, and Five people in the Sedan Version. Both versions have front bucket seats with seatbelts. The Coupe version has a smaller back seat that has to be accessed by folding the front seats. The Sedan version has a larger back seat that can be accessed by the rear doors.


There are a number of safety features in the Ocelot Cub, including Seatbelts, a reinforced Durandium frame, and Airbags for the front seats. All these combine to make the occupants more likely to survive a crash.

Options & Pricing

The Optional Navigation system uses a system of sensors and receivers placed within the vehicle to determine the vehicle's position in space, which allows an automated control system to guide the vehicle safely to any destination the user desires.


The Moonroof is a separate Durandium-T panel in the roof which allows the user to see through the top of their vehicle. It is retractable, and can open to let more sun and air in.

Sport Appearance

The Sport Appearance has some slight functionality, on top of looking cooler. The Spoiler adds slightly to the stability at high speeds, while the twin scoops in the hood help cool down the power source, allowing it to sustain higher outputs for longer periods of time.

Trim Level Options Pricing
Base Coupe Cloth Seating, Basic appearance 4,000 KS
Luxe Coupe Leather Seating, Basic appearance 4,500 KS
Super-Luxe Coupe Leather Seating, Autopilot, Basic appearance 5,000 KS
Sport Coupe Cloth Seating, Sport Appearance 4,500 KS
Sport-Luxe Coupe Leather Seating, Sport Appearance 5,500 KS
Ultra-Luxe Coupe Leather Seating, Sport Appearance, Autopilot, Moonroof 6,000 KS
Base Sedan Cloth Seating, Basic appearance 5,000 KS
Luxe Sedan Leather Seating, Basic appearance 5,500 KS
Super-Luxe Sedan Leather Seating, Autopilot, Basic appearance 6,000 KS
Sport Sedan Cloth Seating, Sport Appearance 5,500 KS
Sport-Luxe Sedan Leather Seating, Sport Appearance 6,500 KS
Ultra-Luxe Sedan Leather Seating, Sport Appearance, Autopilot, Moonroof 7,000 KS

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