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Aether Hellscream

A powerful aetheric detonator, the Hellscream is a powerful anti ship aether weapon made by a joint operation between the Lorath Self Defense Force and Nepleslian Arms and Munitions X-tech division in YE 41 for use in any of its present or future aether powered ships.

About the Hellscream Detonator

The Hellscream detonator is a powerful first strike weapon currently only wielded by the bastard and Bastard MKII class of cruisers. Creating and then self-detonating an aether tap in a location within a 45-degree cone in front of the ship. Due to the complexity of calculating the range, speed, and predicted location of the ship upon detonation makes the pairing of an Advanced Command/Combat Executive AI mandatory to safely operate the weapon.

When used successfully an aether tap detonation can cripple if not outright destroy multiple ships if caught unawares with chain detonations reaching up to 5kt in yield and covering close to 15 kilometers in the area of effect from the epicenter to the furthest point of contact. The tradeoff for such devastating power, however, requires not only an Aether reactor but also a lengthy charging time leaving it ideal as a first-strike or ambush weapon to cull the number of enemy ships from range before moving in to clean up with other more consistent weapons.

Nomenclature Information

Discharge Information

Being not a projectile weapon in nature the detonator has no beam, recoil, or even sound when fired. The weapon does, however, give off the same signature as any aether weapon from the buildup and discharge of antimatter beforehand and draws a visible amount of power from the ship noticeable from the dimming of lights and strain of most power reliant systems as at least a single aether reactor must be dedicated to charging the weapon when in use.

  • Muzzle Flash: None
  • Retort: None
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: None
  • Effective Range: 2 AU
  • Rate of Fire: One detonation per three minutes of charing (can charge 30 minutes in advance)
  • Recoil: None

Energy Source

A massive 5 kiloton explosion of antimatter detonates in an area 45 degrees cone somewhere designated infront of the ship and when used with multiple charges can create chain explosions in a large area. Explosions can happen inside or outside of unshielded ships and stations and create a clean antimatter-nuclear explosion with a lack of EMP and deal through sheer concussive force and power without the fireball of a standard nuclear explosion but still contains significant heat. Matter is disassembled close to the epicenter of the explosion as it first implodes and sucks in the matter before exploding in an instant. When performing multiple charges at once to create a chain explosion the agitated antimatter in the area will ensure that no one explosion is too close to another and can cover an area of hundreds of kilometers but can not be accurately guessed as firing more than once creates a random spread at/near/around the desired target.

Due to the buildup and discharge properties of the weapon, it is unsafe to hold back charge after firing meaning that firing the weapon must consume all charges built or must otherwise be flushed from the ship to prevent backlash to the reactor from the strain of agitating the antimatter. Choosing not to fire is slightly safer as the antimatter buildup must still be vented but is as simple as cutting off any further charge and letting the energy simply bleed from the reactor safely.

OOC Notes

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