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These are the languages spoken across the SARP universe.

Major Languages

Other Languages

The languages below are obscure or are not well-detailed.

  1. The mysterious Essai speak in strange noises described as “horrendous vuvuzela-horn-moaning” or “a swarm of bees stuck in a tuba.”
  2. There are dozens of languages spoken by Phods.
  3. Kodians have a language.
  4. Separa'Shan city-states have several languages, all with a lot of hissing sounds.
  5. The wasp-like I'ee speak a simple language, paired with a more advanced, written system.
  6. Khatohmai is a complex language that bares the most similarity with Malay (in how its grammar works) but has a few similarities to Chinese and Japanese, mostly in how it is written. It is used primarily by Deceivers in The Tenet.

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