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I'ee Language

The I'ee use two primary languages for communcation amongst themselves: A visual, glyph-based language for written communication, and a much simpler vocal language derived from their natural vocalisations. This article shall focus upon the latter language.


The I'ee aural language is technically not restricted to vocal noises, using a combination of vocalised sounds mixed with stridulation; the rubbing of body-parts together to create sound. As a result, sounds such as squeaks, whoops, hisses, chirping and humming compose their vocabulary.

The most basic component of I'ee language is a simple noise, generally sounding for around a quarter of a second. These short, simple sounds can be considered the I'ee equivalent of letters. That is, they are strung together in sequence to form words with complex meaning.

Unlike letters, however, I'ee noises each have an emotional and vague meaning attached to them: The combination of these noises into 'words' results in a clearer and distinct message.

Examples of I'ee 'Letters'

  • Ee - The most common I'ee letter. Its theme is that of familiarity; being derived from the instinctive I'ee vocalisation when happy or with family. It is commonly used on its own as a greeting between members of differing families, to imply common ground and friendliness.
  • Oo - The opposite of Ee, denoting unfamiliarity. It's associated with exploration, discovery, fear and caution. As โ€œEe'eeโ€ means home, โ€œOo'ooโ€ means 'not-home'.
  • Thi - Pronounced 'fee', unlike the Greek letter. It represents killing, hunting, and the powerful emotions of hate that stem from it. 'Thi' sounds are strung together with hyphens(-) rather than apostrophes when written in English: eg. Thi-Thi, instead of Thi'Thi.
  • Thie - Denotes sustenance and comfort. It is associated with the gathering of food, water and other supplies valued by the I'ee.
  • Tut - Represents definition, observation and learning. Used in the context of scientific experimentation and discovery.
  • Kss - A sharp, hissing sound. More of a natural vocalisation than a part of the I'ee language. It communicates alarm and belligerence. It has also been used to refer to the subject of hostile alien species, which the I'ee greatly fear.
  • It - Used in reference to tools, weapons, vehicles and other utilities used to improve work effort at various tasks.
  • Ith - Denotes the task of production and the theme of creativity in general.
  • Oth - Associated with healing, mending and repair. Also used to represent virtuous kindness.
  • I - A vague word referring to openness and accessibility. Eg. โ€œI'eeโ€ means something along the lines of 'home to all' or 'family to all'
  • Thoot - Technically a word that has been 'downgraded' to a letter. It refers to distant places, the sky and, in modern times, deep space.

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