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Department Of Military Assets (D.O.M.A.)

The DoMA is the primary government body responsible for 100% of the work that happens dealing with the military based vehicles and the Starships within The New Dusk Conclave from the Dreadnought to the Fighters in addition to weapons they use. The DoMA or Department of Military assets is the reason why the military has working vehicles and starships as well as weapons in the Systems of the New Dusk Conclave.

Department Of Military Assets
Official Abbreviation D.O.M.A
Department Head
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government

Role of the Department Of Military Assets

The Department of Military Assets is responsible for the management and the upkeep of all things military, from Starship hangars to vehicle garages, and everything else including weapons. They also upkeep the Duskerian legions power armor to make sure that is working well.

Power of DoMA

As a government body, the power that the DoMA holds is primarily Military Assets. This means their power is limited when it comes to anything else. They are in charge of making sure their assets are in working order, and they can fit a specific soldier with a specific weapon suited to their occupation within the military

DoMA employees

The employees of the Department of Military assets are the technician's mechanics and the armorers of the New Dusk Conclave that work tirelessly to make sure their military technology is in working order. These men and women of various races work together to make sure that the NDC is protected and kept safe with working starships, weapons, vehicles, and power armor.

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