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Conclave Ship Works

Conclave Ship Works is a guild within the New Dusk Conclave focused on military fleet development and production. Much of its research and development work is done by members of its parent organizations operating in dedicated project teams.

Formed in YE 42 as a joint effort between Black Wing Enterprises, Galactic Horizon, Osman Heavy Industries, Noval Heavy Industries, and the New Dusk Conclave's D.O.A.R.A.D. The majority of its mineral resources are provided by the Mining Guild under an inter-guild agreement, though it does maintain its own resourcing operations to fall back upon in case of emergencies.

Company Statistics
Established YE 42
Leadership “The Council of Five”
Associated Factions New Dusk Conclave
Headquarters CSW Tower, Obsidian City
Product Symbol CSW

About Conclave Ship Works

In early YE 42, frequent joint efforts between the five founding corporations were becoming increasingly common. Researchers and engineers would often find themselves working for weeks or months at a time with members of a different team than their own and inter-corporate red tape was a constant source of friction.

Rather than cut ties entirely and try to solve problems within their own silo, the five corporations came together and agreed to form a common guild for their military interests within the New Dusk Conclave. Employees would, for the most part, remain with their original employer, but anyone belonging to the guild would be able to freely cooperate on projects that had been decided upon by the newly formed 'Council of Five'. New facilities were built to make it easier to collaborate on these projects and soon the guild, “Conclave Ship Works”, had become a formal entity.

Comprised primarily of members of the Scientist, Technician, and Laborer cadres, the guild seeks to find the optimal balance between utility, power, and craftsmanship to ensure that the NDC's fleets are able to protect the faction's interests and grow its influence.

Member Organizations

The Conclave Ship Works guild is comprised of a number of major corporations or organizations working together to solve the New Dusk Conclave's military needs. A signature representing each corporation can be found on the official Member Agreements document.

Member Agreements

For the purpose of these agreements, the following terms are to be observed:

  • Conclave Ship Works will be referred to as 'CSW'.
  • 'Member organization' refers to any corporate or guild entity acting as part of CSW.
  • 'Originating organization' refers to an organization who provides an initial resource, component, or technology.
  • 'Goods' refers to anything produced, manufactured, fabricated, or developed by CSW, regardless of which member organizations contributed to it.
  • 'Component' refers to any device, apparatus, software, manufacturing process, training, technology, or any other item in part or in full that is necessary to continue the reliable creation of any good produced by CSW.

To ensure a stable supply of critical components and reliable production of crucial fleet technologies, all member organization have agreed to the following:

Council Structure

  • CSW will be led by a council comprising of one elected member from each of its member organizations.
  • A majority vote is required to decide the direction of CSW, ratify any new agreements, or make any new policy change.
  • When a council member calls for a vote, the council must place their votes within one week from the date of the request.
  • In the event of a tie vote, a new vote must be taken within one week from the date of the request.
  • Any council member who is absent or does not vote within the allotted time will be considered to have abstained.
  • Each month, a Speaker will be selected from within the council to lead meetings and determine agenda. A Speaker may not be selected again until all other council members have become Speaker or waived their right to act as Speaker for that month.
  • All council members may represent CSW as they see fit, but no agreement with a non-member organization or major development decision can be made without a vote from the full council.
  • In the event that a council member is deemed unfit for their role, a unanimous vote by the other council members can remove the unfit individual from the council. At this time, the member organization that the individual is from may select a new member to join the council.
    • Until a new member is seated on the council, no new votes may be held.
    • In the event that it takes longer than one month for a member organization to select a new council member, their seat will be considered filled, but absent, until such time as a council member has been selected.

Technology Agreements

  • Any components or technologies used by CSW products will have a fair price paid to the originating organization of 80% of the standard market rate.
    • In the event that a price changes, it will continue to be purchased at the original price until the new price has been agreed upon by a majority Council vote. At such time, any revenue that would have been collected in the interim period will be paid in full.
    • In the event that the Council does not agree with a price change, the component will be treated as though the member organization has become unable to supply the component.
  • Components that are no longer able to be sourced from the originating organization will be produced by CSW, instead.
    • As such, CSW requires sufficient blue prints and technical documentation as would be required to begin manufacturing of said component.
    • CSW is only to take over manufacturing if the originating organization is incapable of providing the component, whether that be due to an organization leaving the guild, price disagreements, or collapse of a member organization.
    • In the event that a member organization is still operational, but no longer willing or capable of producing said components, an amount equal to half of the component's product margin at the time of manufacturer change will be set. From this point forwards, this will be considered a required royalty to be paid in exchange for the continued use of said component.
    • CSW will not sell, trade, or disclose technical information regarding these components or technology.
    • If a member organization wishes for CSW to no longer use its component/s entirely, CSW will make reasonable efforts to find or develop replacements for said organization's component/s in such a manner as to not disrupt the continued, reliable production of CSW goods.

Labor Agreements

  • All individuals working for CSW shall be fairly paid within equal compensation bands for work done for CSW, regardless of any payment agreements they may have from a member organization.
    • This pay is to be used as part of the individual's normal pay and not as an additional bonus. In other words, if an individual would make 400,000 DS in a year and their salary for their time working under CSW is 200,000 DS, their member organization would pay the remaining 200,000 DS.
    • This is intended to maintain fair employment practices between member organizations and avoid any poaching that could occur due to perceived imbalances in income.
  • All individuals working for CSW shall be treated fairly, as outlined by the NDCs labor laws.
  • All individuals working for CSW should be in good standing with their Cadre. If an individual is working for CSW from a foreign nation, then they must be in good standing with that nation.
  • All technologies developed by individuals using CSW resources during their time at CSW are considered the property of CSW.


Total Shipyards: 6


Research and Development

The following is a list of in-development technology for the CSW:


The below is the transaction history of significant or noteworthy purchases.

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details

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