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The ammunition for the CSW-S1-W1 Hyper-Accelerated Variable Ordinance Cannon "HAVOC" is a relatively simple application of materials science and scale. Simply put, the majority of each round is a dense metal such as tungsten, coated in Madite-C to reduce its sensor profile.

Rods are equipped with a small Semi-active Radar Homing system and a modest gravitic drive. Given the immense velocities of the rounds, these are only capable of making small course corrections and not true homing.

For much of the rod's journey, the gravitic drive is used to minimize the rod's mass signature. A stealth device is included to further reduce the round's sensor signature against common forms of detection.

Variations of the standard rod exist that offer less raw kinetic power in exchange for other capabilities. The main example of this is an aetheric detonation rod that exchanges a significant amount of the standard rod's mass for a payload similar to that found in aether-based torpedoes.

A small anti-matter detonator is placed at the core of each rod with just enough payload to destroy the rod itself after it has traveled a pre-determined maximum distance.


Each standard rod is ~170 tons and, at maximum speed, delivers 6.2 x 1015J of force - roughly 1.5 Megatons. Higher rates of fire, or alternative payloads, reduce the total kinetic force in exchange for other attack options.

  • Size: 1.5 meters x 5 meters
  • Damage Description: Kinetic
  • Effective Range: Unlimited along a mostly linear path; most rods are set to self-destruct if they travel more than 50,000 km beyond their intended target
  • Muzzle Velocity: .6c - .9c
  • Muzzle Blast: Minimal
  • Damage Ratings:
Type Purpose Rounds per Minute
Standard Rod, Normal Fire T13 4
Standard Rod, Rapid Fire T10 48
Aether Explosion Round T12, 30,000km diameter sphere 4

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