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NDC Character Creation Guide

Below is all the needed information for making a NDC character. If you didn't arrive here from the main Creating a Character Guide, you should check it out first. It has links to character sheet templates that you'll need to use to make your character.

Creating A NDC Character

Welcome to the New Dusk Conclave, the land of new beginnings and the road less traveled.

This page will provide all the relevant information for creating a character for this faction, so let's get started on your new beginning.

Step One: Review Active Plots

While you're welcome to make a character for Open RP, much of SARP's roleplay is done in 'plots'. These are long-form play-by-post roleplays that are led by one or more GMs. They have varying post cadences, but are typically one post every one or two weeks.

You can see plots for the NDC and other factions on the site here:

Or you can look at our sidebar (to the left) to see a list of our Active Plots.

Step Two: Familiarize Yourself with the Faction

Formed in late YE 40 when a fleet of refugees settled Sirris VI in the Sanctum, the New Dusk Conclave is rather young. Aboard that fleet were scientists, soldiers, their families, and any refugees that hitched a ride along the way. The trip was neither pleasant or safe. Even upon arrival in their new home system, the fleet suffered attacks.

Since then, Obsidian City, the established capital of the young nation has become a home to a thriving diverse culture, the study of science, and the harmonious mingling of races from across the Kikyo Sector. The frontier spirit and will to survive is carved into all citizens of the NDC, whether they came from the original fleets, are refugees from other systems, immigrants seeking new opportunities, or Synthetics born into the faction as fully-fledged adults.

The growing Synthetic population, instilled with purpose and a common upbringing, have begun to cause significant changes within the faction. This is most evident in three areas:

  • Cadres
    • Cadres are purpose-aligned groupings of individuals. The majority of the population belongs to one of the six Cadres (Warrior, Scientist, Administrator, Technician, and Laborer).
  • Contribution
    • Contribution is a social measuring system based around how much one contributes to the greater benefit of those around them. It is not officially tracked or regulated. Despite this, those that do not contribute may find themselves ostracized while those that generate significant results are likely to find themselves elevated in social status. A person's behaviors, professionalism, and other qualities also factor in - but results matter the most.
  • Synthetic/Natural Divide
    • Made and trained to excel at a given purpose, much of the faction's Synthetic1) population feels some degree of superiority over Naturals2).

The recent assassination of Jack Pine, one of the faction's founders, has caused a significant amount of social turmoil. Neera Pine has taken the reigns in his place, but she is new and untested. Cadres have begun to vie for more control over the faction. No one knows what the future has in store for the NDC, but it is an exciting time of shifting allegiances and new opportunities for all.

Learn more about Cadres:

Learn more about our culture:

Step Three: Choose a Species

The New Dusk Conclave is home to a diverse collection of sentients, ranging from the purely organic to the purely digital. The NDC views all sentients as having equal value and worthy of equal rights.

You can see a list of species that call the NDC home here:

Step Four: Choose an Occupation and Skills

Once you know what plot you're interested in and what type of character you want to make, it's a good time to start thinking about what your character will be doing.

If you want to make a character independent of the military, then you can freely choose your Character Skill Areas based on what best suits your character.

If you want to make a character within the military, review our Occupations page:

Some occupations may have skills listed, so give those a look. If not, choose what seems right!

In either case, it's a good idea to talk to the GM of the plot you're interested in before fully settling on a character concept. We can often find ways to make things work, but not all characters are a good fit for every plot. For example - if you want to play a Chef, a GM might suggest that you avoid a plot centered around fighter pilots.

Step Five: Build Your Backstory

The majority of the NDC's population is made of refugees or 'manufactured citizens', such as human clones or Operators.

This section is more 'suggestion' than 'guide' - who your character is rests in your hands.


Naturals (non-clone, non-AI citizens) have been alive longer than the New Dusk Conclave has existed. They tend to be refugees or immigrants.

Some possible backgrounds are:

  • A refugee from the now defunct OSO.
  • Older member of the original Section 6, as either a scientist, soldier, or a member of one of the families who made the exodus to Sirris VI.
  • Ex-mercenary, or currently a mercenary.
  • A Separa'shan refugee from Essia System, seeking refuge from the occupation of Essia


Most Synthetics are created by the NDC with a specific purpose in mind. As a general rule, Synthetics are designed to feel an interest and obligation in fulfilling that purpose - but not to the extent that it subverts their free will.

Some possible backgrounds are:

  • You were a digital AI, such as an EVE, that has decided to strike out on your own in a new humanoid body. You're likely an Operator now, but you may have chosen to get a fully organic body instead.
  • You're an Operator, a sentient military android. You spent what seems like a full childhood growing up in VR, surrounded by others your age and under the careful tutelage of AI parent figures. You learned almost all of the skills you need to use in order to succeed in the military either in VR or in the training camps that followed. Now you're ready to head out into the world on your own. (Not all Operators decide to stay in the military- but most do.)
  • You're a human clone. Most human clones are descended from genetically modified soldiers and pilots. Your physical potential across the board is near the peak of what a normal human can do, but you've got to put in the work if you want to reach those heights. You grew up in the same environment as the Operators did, though your education was focused more on infantry or engineering than starship operations or piloting. That doesn't mean you were kept away from learning those skills and you may even have excelled at them. As with the other Synthetics, you were most likely made by and for the military - but you were given the choice to serve or pursue a civilian life on your own.

Step Six: Pulling it All Together

Now that you've got all the major notes of your character figured out, it's your turn to fill in the gaps. What's your character's personality? Likes and dislikes? What are their motivations?

You can take a look at our Starting Equipment for an idea of what your character should be carrying around with them.

When you're done, it's time to save your work and submit your character!

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Manufactured individuals, such as clones, androids, and AIs
Those who are born naturally through the genetic lottery

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