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Autonomous Mech AI “EVE”

The Mech AI “EVE” is an advanced system designed to assist S6 Mech pilots in missions combat or otherwise, it manages micro functions and helps correct macro functions and is capable of complete autonomous control.

About EVE

EVE is an advanced AI system designed for use on within the new S-6 Mech unit Possessor, it manages all micro functions of the unit including life support, targeting and assessment, comms, tactical battle functions.

Statistical information

Below is the statistical information for this AI.

Key features

The “EVE” system can operate the Possessor mech independent of its pilot and will act according to available information about its situation, should the pilot be killed or incapacitated EVE will return the mech unit to the designated home point. It contains a personality which adapts based on the assigned user and will provide logic-based suggestions and answers to their queries.

EVE is equipped to connect to a user possessing the S6 “Geist” implant and can communicate to them through this link while separated allowing commands to be given remotely. This same feature can also be used to link multiple mechs to a command unit and have them carry out advanced strategies, alternatively multiple units can operate as a squad with one objective and no command structure.

EVE is uniquely created using the pilots neural signature to modify and augment its personality and central intelligence matrix. This ensures a better synch with the pilot while also providing a sort of template for the AI to help focus their development, and growth.


With the creation of the “Geist” and the Possessor mech Section – 6 needed to design a new system to get the most efficiency from its products, EVE was created parallel to the Possessor mech to allow each to be modified for the other. Originally intended to be an AI capable of operating the mech autonomously EVE was eventually adapted over the course of its creation to allow Geist integration creating more opportunities for the pilots who possessed the implant.

OOC Notes

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