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Department Of Fleet Development (D.O.F.D.)

The D.O.F.D was founded with the purpose to have a streamlined and dedicated government branch that both researches and develops anything regarding the NDC fleet. Being originally founded on 188604 as part of Section 6, which was under the OSO at the time, the D.O.F.D packed up with S6. Which later became the NDC and settled on Sirris VI, where they now have their facilities along with the other branches as well.

Department Of Fleet Development
Department Head Waylan Vulca
Faction NDC
Reports to The Central Government

Role of the D.O.F.D

The role of the D.O.F.D is simple, though envelops a large area of expertise. This govermnent-funded organization is responsible for the fleet development of the NDC, constructing as relatively little as engines or power cores, to designing and building entire vessels for the NDC's fleet. As well as being head of fleet-related research. The D.O.F.D also works closely with the D.O.E and they have already completed a myriad of projects in close cooperation, such as the Helix Plasma Engines and the Paladin Barrier System. Mostly to fit these already existing designs to larger crafts in a feasible and streamlined manner.

Power of the D.O.F.D

Being primarily funded by the government, the D.O.F.D enjoys a much larger budget to push higher goals for fleet related projects, setting the rigorous standards each piece of equipment on a starship has to adhere to. The D.O.F.D has a monopoly position within the NDC, which allows the body to focus solely on research, construction, testing and most of all, improvement. Their employees also enjoy some extra-legal benefits, making it a very attractive career choice.

D.O.F.D Employees

D.O.F.D employees are selected and hired for a variety of roles, including but not limited to scientists, engineers and professional benchmarkers. Though an organization this big, with sensitive clean rooms, requires dedicated custodian staff. All career choices are deemed equally important and have thorough background checks. Though where the former have finished studies with D.O.P.E, the custodian staff is internally trained within the D.O.F.D to handle sensitive material, tools and rooms. This is why the paygrade for an scientist is virtually the same as a janitor, whom at least have some engineering degree or certificate. Though both also enjoy end of month bonuses, it is true the custodian staff recieves a slightly smaller bonus.

All D.O.F.D employees are insured by the government, varying from healthcare to fire insurance should there be incidents at their residence.

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