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Noval Heavy Industries

Although originally established in YE -13 as a bespoke luxury vehicle shop, as of YE 42 Noval has begun a move into the larger civilian and military space after many years of success in the custom craft market. With the creation of Noval Defense, Space, and Security, Noval's headquarters was relocated into New Dusk Conclave space to provide greater focus on the new market.

Despite its various divisions, Noval Heavy Industries refers to itself in branding as “Noval” only.

Company Statistics
Re-established YE 42
CEO Nevarra Noval
Associated Factions New Dusk Conclave, Independent
Headquarters Noval Station in the Sanctum System
Product Symbol NH
Slogans “When it's Noval, you know.”
“Noval products for a nouveau you.”
“Everyone deserves an ivory tower.” \\“Noval: Heavy Industry, High Fashion”
Mission “Excellence through Innovation; Expertise through Iteration”

About Noval

Founded in YE -13 by Lorian Noval as a bespoke spacecraft shop called 'Noval Works', Noval Heavy Industries began humbly. Lorian was a designer and a thinker who focused on small, bespoke spacecraft. The signature lines and quality of Lorian's early creations can still be seen in Noval's modern offerings. Lorian called his business “Noval”, as do we still today.

After some years of operating on his own, Lorian stretched the business too thin by attempting to open a small factory. While Lorian was an excellent artisan and a genius in his own right, he had no head for money. A young client, enamored by Lorian's work, would change the course of Noval Heavy Industries forever. Nevarra Anistad, heiress to the Anistad Trading Company, provided the funds that Lorian needed to stay afloat. The two became partners and later married.

The years that followed were a whirlwind of expansion. Nevarra, now Nevarra Noval, grew the company by leaps and bounds. That first small factory was only a stepping stone for her grand plans. Noval would grow to be a prominent status symbol for those “in the know”.

After Lorian's passing, Nevarra began to expand the company into trading and military interests. This effort culminated with the relaunch of Noval in YE 42 with a renewed focus on military equipment and civilian vehicles.

Her son, Andar Noval, is hard at work preparing himself to inherit the company.


Noval culture is built around excellence and cutting-edge trends. Clothes are smartly cut and finely made. Design and engineering spaces are well equipped and immaculately maintained.

Ongoing education is an expectation for Noval employees. Regular on-the-job training is provided and class reimbursements are available, so long as they align well with the employee's work.

Noval does not attempt to compare their culture to that of a family or a sports team, as many companies do. Noval is a place to work, one whose products are impeccably designed and expertly assembled - to be part of that is to be part of something to be proud of. In being proud of where you work, you should be proud of your own contributions to it.


Noval Heavy Industries is a collection of companies that work together to achieve excellent products. Externally, all of their products are branded under the 'Noval' name.

Noval Luxury Engineering

Noval's domestic wing, focused on luxury vehicles and craft. Previously focused solely on bespoke vessels, the division has been reoriented towards creating top-of-the-line craft that can be produced at scale without giving up Noval's commitment to quality. Their mission statement is, “Timeless style, comfort, and signature performance.”

In addition to their primary products, this division also boasts a sizable marketing group focused on promoting the Noval brand. The lion's share of their work is in the form of licensing to quality manufacturers. In this way, Noval brand loyalists are able to acquire shirts, bags, and more.

While the bulk of Noval's focus has moved into mass commercialism, the original bespoke crews and facilities were relocated and enhanced during the move to Noval Station. Now catering almost exclusively to large corporations and elite individuals, the tradition of bespoke craftmanship started by Lorian Noval carries on to this day.

Noval Defense, Space, and Security

The company's military wing was established to take Noval's legendary craftsmanship into the thriving milsec market. Their driving philosophy, inherited from the Luxury Engineering wing, is one of quality before quantity. While a luxury feel is still high on the priority list, NDSS wants to set itself ahead in the market by having a reputation for reliability, excellent survival rates, and top-tier performance.

Formally established in YE 42.

Noval Capital

The business side of the company, Noval Capital handles the company's finance and credit operations. Their motto is, “Top tier service for top tier clients.”

Noval Sourcing, Services, and Logistics

As part of the company's vertical integration efforts, a sizable portion of the company's transport and purchasing was moved internal. A small fleet of transport ships and their escorts, as well as a dedicated purchasing and logistics division, provides Noval with much of the quality components that they need for manufacturing their goods.

Considerably more pragmatic than the other divisions, NSSL ships and offices tend to be well-made and functional, but not overly stylish.

Noval Riche

Noval Riche is Noval's clothing and fashion brand, focused on high-quality clothing, fashion accessories, and lingerie.


Noval's growing cybernetics business, TRANSCEND, by Noval, is about more than returning the injured or sick to their former glory, but for celebrating the transition back to 'good' and then beyond that into something greater. Its cybernetics are functional statement pieces, meant not to hide what they are but to exemplify it.


Recently, Noval has begun to move much of its manufacturing and logistics capabilities into New Dusk Conclave space. Nevarra Noval, CEO, cites reduced overhead and excellent business partnerships as the primary motivator - but has made it clear that she intends to continue doing business with anyone who is interested in Noval's products.

While Noval does not currently hold any territory of its own, it has established shipyards and industrial support across a number of systems.

Total Shipyards: 16

Locations planned or in development:


While Noval has a number of facilities and stores across the Kikyo sector, Noval Station is the corporation's headquarters. It serves as both a palatial base of operations and primary production facility, catering to Noval's high-class clientele and military officers alike.


Noval products are 'buy it for life' purchases. From Noval's fastest vehicle to their most powerful weaponry, each item is designed to accommodate the user's growing proficiency and situational needs. With their entry into the military technology space, Noval is pushing their customization efforts and intends to launch a series of products that adapts moment-to-moment to suit the ever-changing conditions on the battlefield.

For a view into upcoming products, visit Noval Research and Development.


Inventing new materials and re-imagining old materials is an important part of how Noval plans to stay relevant in the military space.

  • Madite is an advanced polymer with extreme damage resistance and an array of available features
  • Rebinder is a shape changing liquid metal used in military and civilian purposes


Noval Riche, Noval's clothing line. Features high-end accessories and undergarments.


Upgrade Packages

Noval offers luxury “upfit” packages for civilian and military vessels.

  • Chairman Package - Noval's top tier upfit. Extensively changes a vessel's interior, exterior, structure, drive systems, and more. The final result is a nearly unmatched luxury feel for an office-away-from-office experience.
  • Bespoke Package - While the Chairman Package is designed to be “the very best available on the market”, there are some customers who want an even more luxurious finish. For these clients, Noval offers a Bespoke Package that uses more exotic materials, finishes, and technologies that are available in much more limited quantities not well suited to a normal product. As each upfit of this category is truly Bespoke, the final result will vary from craft to craft.

Licensed Products, Materials, and Components

The following are goods not commonly available on the open market that Noval has obtained the rights to use:

  • Omnihue, an updating fabric/skin pigmentation with shifting, photorealistic results (license is for non-military projects only)
  • Skusten, a material with high thermal resistance and excellent tensile strength


The below is the transaction history of significant or noteworthy purchases.

Pending Orders

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details

Processed Orders

Order Requested By Amount Additional Details
Bespoke Upfit Request Takeda Fleet Management 1,099,375 KS Contact Log

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