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Andar Noval

Andar Noval is a player character played by Whisper.

Andar Noval
Species & Gender: Male Minkan
Date of Birth: 8ๆ—ฅ 7ๆœˆ YE 22
Organization: New Dusk Conclave
Occupation: Student
Rank: n/a
Current Placement: Student

Physical Description

Andar is athletically built in the standard Minkan fashion. For the most part, he has the appearance of an attractive man coming into his early 20's, save for his dog-like ears and tail. Some parts of his body have had their color modified to reproduce distinctive fur patternings from his previous life. Notably, there is a diamond-shaped black 'birthmark' on his chest.

His movements are agile and well-coordinated. Andar carries himself with a proud bearing at all times.

  • Body type: Athletic
  • Height: 5'10โ€œ
  • Skin Color: Tan, with a few inky black markings in places that aren't normally visible.
  • Eye color: Light blue.
  • Ear type: Dog-like; One all black and one half-black, half-white vertically
  • Hair color: White, with brown eyebrows
  • Hairstyle: Andar's white hair is straight and long, just past his shoulders. It is usually kept unbound.
  • Facial hair: Typically clean shaven, but when grown out his beard is white with a black patch at his chin.


Eager to learn and make friends, Andar tends to get along well with everyone. He is devoted to whatever he is learning and constantly seeks out new things whenever he feels complacent. To that end, he greatly prefers things that take a lifetime to master, such as musical instruments and sports.

Trained to be noble, kind, and proper, Andar tries to always be the gentleman in any given circumstance and feels uncomfortable if he is unable to follow appropriate social norms of politeness.

Andar can be melancholy at times, as though remembering something of importance that he lost.


Lorian and Nevarra Noval was an older widower who had founded a successful trading company with her husband many years back. They never had children, despite many hardships. Not wanting to have an empty home, they adopted a clever little puppy that they named Andar.

Andar was an excellent dog from the start. Eager to learn and driven to keep his owners happy, the older couple found their lives greatly enriched by his presence. They went out more, they did better in business, and on the rare occasion that they felt threatened by someone on the streets or a business rival, Andar was always there to make them feel safe.

He could not, however, keep Lorian from becoming very sick. The poor dog watched as one of his masters faded away. All he could do was try to keep Nevarra happy. With Lorian gone, it was up to Andar to ensure that Nevarra got out of the house, met with friends, and kept her mind off of what she had lost.

Running a business by herself was taxing, but Andar was, as always, a constant in her life.

Until he wasn't. Sickness came for Andar, as well. Nevarra's heart broke a little more each time she visited her dog in the veterinary hospital until she decided that something more drastic would have to be done. She would not lose someone else.

The process to uplift an animal into a Minkan body was not unheard of, at the time, and a new Minkan body had just been announced. Her vanity required her to customize the body in small ways, so that Andar was still Andar - but the .loyal dog would also be reborn as her son. By compromise, his appearance was mostly that of a normal Minkan with a few touches, such as his ears or tail, that would be easy to conceal if necessary.

After many months of focused training and a number of tutors, Andar reemerged into the world - this time on two legs. His body was that of a young man to avoid suspicions of the origin of this new son of Nevarra's.

For nearly a decade, Andar, faithful as always, played the role of dedicated son. He threw himself into whatever Nevarra wished him to, all while remaining a steadfast companion for his master-turned-mother. It was here that he learned music, science, and the family business.

With Nevarra becoming older, she made the difficult decision to send Andar to Osman University. Nevarra knows that if Andar is to one day inherit the business that she and Lorian founded, he needs to have the right pedigree.

Skills Learned

  • Communications (proficiency in communication; writing and speaking, Includes cryptography)
  • Entertainment (acting, storytelling, belly dancing, performing, sexual techniques, playing an instrument, singing etc.)
    • Andar is highly skilled at playing the violin and piano. He is competent at singing and acting.
  • Humanities (psychology, sociology, anthropology, diplomacy, and philosophy)
    • Surprisingly capable at reading people, Andar is a skilled negotiator. He has been tutored in the finer points of the human condition.
  • Leadership (public speaking, intelligence, command, diplomacy, recognizing ambush points, etc.)
    • Andar has academic and practical experience in the operations of running a large-scale business, though he still has much to learn. He aspires to be the kind of inspiring, empathic leader he believes Lorian to have been.
  • Physical (acrobatics, running, etc.)
    • Andar needs to spend at least a few hours each day working on some physical activity or he finds it hard to keep his calm. To that end, he practices gymnastics and distance running as a way to burn energy and stay in shape.

(Two skills intentionally missing)

Social Connections

Andar Noval is connected to:


  • 'Mother': Nevarra Noval
  • 'Father': Lorian Noval (Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

Andar Noval has the following:

  • Standard university clothes and equipment
  • Violin
  • GH Pocket Volumetric Projector, Piano Edition
  • Standard datapad

Andar Noval currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by whisper on 09, 20 2019 at 14:40 using the Character Template Form.

In the case whisper becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
Character Data
Character NameAndar Noval
Character OwnerWhisper
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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