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Noval Research and Development

Noval is always working hard for a brighter, fancier future.

Interested in being a Noval designer or engineer? Read our Onboarding Packet for style guides, naming conventions, and more.

Projects in Review

Projects currently undergoing technical and safety reviews before being released to the public for use.

Submission Sequence

Projects in Progress

Prototyping and technical deliberations.


  • Gel Ammo, a high capacity adaptable ammunition for magnetic rail-based weaponry

Projects in Concepting

These projects are still in the early design phase.

  • throne, a large fighter utilizing non-fixed 'wings' and variable weaponry to responsively adjust to changing battle conditions - in style
  • Noval Sea Resort on Sirris, Sanctum System
  • valor_bodysuit, a powerful bodysuit utilizing SCALEs to greatly enhance the wearer's combat capabilities
  • Noval Luxury Liner

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