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New Dusk Conclave Population

The New Dusk Conclave is host to a wide variety of species and sentient intelligences. Few, if any, lines are drawn between Human, Nekovalkjrya, Elysian, ID-SOL, Separashan, or any of the other races found in the NDC.

One element that does matter, however, is how you were created. The line between so-called Naturals and Synthetics is a noticeable one.


'Synthetic' is the blanket term for anyone who was manufactured or artificially created in some way. This includes sentient AIs (“SIs”), clones, Operators, and more. As Synthetics are typically created to excel at one or more purposes, they often view themselves as superior to 'Naturals'.

Sentients of any type, including SIs, are able to become equal citizens within the NDC.

    • The second largest demographic of the NDC's population. Most modern humans are clones after a devastating virus eliminated the majority of human 'stock' years ago.
    • Advanced androids that act as the 'brain' for ships, fighters, and armor.
  • Synthetic Intelligences
    • A significant portion of the NDC's population are digital SIs. They are used extensively in the military.

Synthetics not made by the NDC

While not a significant part of the NDC's population, artificially-created life that originates outside of the faction's territory are treated the same as those originating within it.

Cloned individuals hailing from a non-Synthetic species will be considered a Synthetic if they are enhanced in some way to better fulfill one or more roles.


'Natural' is the blanket term applied to anyone who was created through traditional reproductive means. The NDC has many Naturals who enjoy all the same government-guaranteed rights and benefits as the NDC's Synthetic population.

Refugees and Immigrants

Originally refugees and immigrants themselves, the NDC's founding leadership takes the protection and care of these peoples seriously. Most of the Naturals in the NDC joined after its founding, fleeing from wars, adverse conditions, and a general hope for a fresh start. For these refugees and immigrants, the government provides the same access to a home, food, and assistance in finding work as it does for all of its citizens.

    • A human-like species with mild empathic capabilities. Males of the species have four arms. Some physiological differences exist between Surface Dwellers and Night Dwellers.
    • Humanoids with a variety of animal or animal-like features.
    • Angel-winged humanoids with impressive regeneration capabilities.
  • Freespacers (Organics)
    • Anarchic, nomadic humans with a strong inclination towards cybernetics. They maintain a persistent, deep connection to a sector-wide network.
    • Freespacers, due to their heavy use of cybernetics and machine integration, are in an interesting position within the NDC's Natural/Synthetic divide.
    • Although not officially assimilated into the NDC population, and therefore not counted as part of it, Gunja make up the majority of the population on Sirris VI.
    • Humanoids with black vestigial wings. Different castes have varying capabilities.
    • Enigmatic nomads that don't do well in cold, but are a sturdy, reliable, and industrious people.
    • A species with a humanoid upper body and snake-like lower body.
    • Due to mass refugee immigration after the Essian occupation, Separa'Shan make up around 30,000 to 50,000 of the current population.
    • Tall, four-armed humanoids with a warrior culture.
    • The Tsumi population within NDC's territory is extremely small, most people have not seen or interacted with one.

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