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New Dusk Conclave Nomenclature System

Having never worked in, or around conventional markets in the beginning, Section 6 developed their own nomenclature system. It was developed to be simple and fit their cataloging needs when it came to the fruits of their research and development projects. This continued even after becoming the New Dusk Conclave, now even by the companies that call the young nation home.


Item Types

The item type listed in NDC nomenclature, is generally a form of short hand version, of what the item in question has been classified as. For instance, a Main Battle Tank, despite it's style of construction, will be listed as MBT as the item type in its nomenclature. Like wise, in the case of light star craft such as the BW-MSF "Sparrow" Modular Fighter, a Modular Star Fighter. It is listed as a MSF in its nomenclature.

The only deviation of this, is components, which all fit standard classes of components. Shields are labeled as SLD, and engines as ENG, as well as other common types of components used in the construction of New Dusk Conclave products.


  • MBT - Main Battle Tank
  • HBT - Heavy Battle Tank
  • LBT - Light Battle Tank
  • MSF - Modular Star Fighter
  • MWS - Modular Weapon System
  • F - Frame
  • VF - Variable Frame
  • FA - Frame Arms
  • P - Pistol


  • SLD - Shield modules
  • ENG - Engine modules
  • SNR - Sensor modules
  • AMR - Armor modules
  • UTL - Utility modules
  • CMP - Compartment2) modules
  • DRN - Sub-component drone or drone module

OOC Notes

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This one, has been largely phased out other then already existing products, as the group was dissolved to form the NDC. All production as been handed over to the local companies.
Prefabbed rooms and structures commonly used in ships and expeditionary habitation units.

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