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Paladin Barrier System

The Paladin Barrier System, or PBS for short is an advanced shielding system that ranges from personal shielding to larger applications such as starships. This system is the standard for the NDC and was made late YE 40 for testing. The first applications were employed during the later trial runs of the Electronic Camouflage System which worked on albeit simpler, but similar principles. While the PBS is primarily fueled by BW-PC-1B "PowerPak", larger applications require larger Plasma Cores, or other fuel sources.

More about the S6-PBS

The PBS was designed as a universal shielding principle for Section 6. Having a broad spectrum of application, the PBS follows a simple principle, by utilizing magnetic fields and generating electrical currents between strategically placed nanobots, a forcefield is generated. The PBS both deflects ferromagnetic materials as well as disintigrates non-ferromagnetics due to the high currents being pushed through thin air. Much like a railgun, the electricity generates a magnetic field strong enough to deflect projectiles. Even when met with plasma or laser-based munition, the PBS is able to dissipate this with counteracting force, due to the high currents arcing between nanoes. Breaking down these attacks due the sheer heat and high voltage that is generated. These shields have an audiovisual cue. Where often a loose spark or arc is visible, a soft crackling is also audible.

Nomenclature Information

The following section contains general information about the PBS.

  • Manufacturer: New Dusk Conclave
  • Name: Paladin Barrier System
  • Nomenclature: S6-PBS-1A
  • Role: The standard in S6 shielding, on any scale. Personal, starship and anything in between.

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