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Electronic Camouflage System

The ECS was developed in YE 39 for use with the R1-SPA power armor by Section 6


The ECS provides conventional stealth by bending light around the nanos dispersed from venting systems, and provides a level of thermal stealth while in atmosphere by covering exposed hot areas then providing a level of heat management through mixing cool air with warm exhaust. But it does not conceal the user from magnetic based scanners. And is disrupted by extreme weather such as heavy rain showers, sand storms, and blizzards.

Visible Stealth

The ECS produces a fine mist of nanomachines, that are controled through application of force fields around the device. This area extends about 1 meter from the device, and uses metamaterial tricks to produce an area of invisibility. This is partially done through bending light around the object to be hidden, and partially done through fine control of pigment and placement of the nanomachines around the device. The result is a somewhat transparent distortion.

Thermal Stealth

The force fields generated by the device can also be used to move air currents around, and provide insulation to keep heat from radiating outwards from the device. While in atmosphere, the force fields can generate air-currents that help mix warm exhaust with cooler surrounding air, and then distribute that mix outward as much as possible to reduce thermal signatures.

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