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Chris Young

Chris “Kathleen” Young
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 19 Years
Zodiac Sign: ???
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140 lbs
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Soldier 3rd Class
Occupation Caretaker
Current Placement Caretaker, NSS Alliance

Part of the NSS Alliance kitchen staff. Known for hating males.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'5“ Mass: 140 lbs Measurements: TBA Bra Size: TBA

Build and Skin Colour: Lacking any true muscle, Chris prefers to keep a slender feminine appearance. Has a pale tone to his skin. Facial Features and Eye Colour: Is clean shaven and uses a bit of blush. Has brown eyes with long eyelashes. Hair Colour and Style: Has shoulder length orange hair. Enjoys keeping it smooth and shiny, and takes great pains to do so. Distinguishing Features: Besides his feminine physique the most notable part of his body is his legs. He's had cybernetic replacements that have the structure of a woman's legs as well as skin replacement and sensors.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Chris is a woman at heart, or at least he likes to think that. Although his name can often stand for both genders he prefers to be referred to as Kathleen, in honor of his mother, when his physical features are unknown. He sees all women as strong willed individuals, though his sheltered upbringing has allowed him to interact with but a few. He is loathe towards all men, and blames everything on them. Even though he has such strong resentment towards his version of the weaker sex, he aspires to have the motherly affection of a real woman, even if it means being caring to a bunch of scum bags.

Likes: Silks, makeup, dresses, and slender appearances. Dislikes: Smoking, gambling, beer, and sexist jokes (unless at a man's expense.) Goals: To have a full cybernetic body of a woman.


Family (or Creators)

Father unknown, Stepfather Damascus Sinclair, Mother Katherine Young, Stepbrother Ghouta Sinclair


Chris was born a bastard child, and for the most part raised by his mother. With the rarity of Nepleslian women his mother was able to marry into a well off family fairly quickly. By the age of 4 his mother had married Damascus, a well off salesman suspected of laundering money, giving him the opportunity to grow up in a better environment then most. Damascus was too busy with his work to bother with the boy and only married his mother as a trophy of his success. Chris and his mother, however, were well off having access to Damascus・account and security.

Chris grew strongly attached to his mother while she would scorn all men, from his bastard father to Damascus himself. He grew to depend upon and admire her strong willed nature, and through his secluded raising attributed this to all women. He secretly wished to be a woman, but damn that super Y chromosome. In the rare occasions he was separated from his mother he would put on her dresses and walk around cursing men. This went on until the age of 7 when Damascus caught him in a dress and scorned the behavior while beating him.

Despite being young being beaten by Damascus left him feeling terribly angry at himself. It wasn't the fact that he was beaten that hurt, but the fact that he was beaten by a man. If he ever wanted to live up to his womanly persona this was unacceptable. He never told his mother about the beating, for the shame was too great, but told her that he wanted to learn a form of fighting to protect himself. She consented to it eventually, and he began training in kickboxing from then on.

At the age of 15 he had learned a lot of the techniques and often competed where he could. He often fought to win money in matches his stepfather would secretly arrange, and every once in awhile fought against stronger opponents. In one match he was facing a man with cybernetic legs. He had a distinct disadvantage, and shouldn't have even fought, but he accepted the match for he could not accept a male as his better. His legs were broken early in the match and despite his desires to prove his womanhood the match was forfeited. His mother suggested he get cybernetic replacements and although his legs would recover on their own he consented.



(Kickboxing) His favorite feature to a woman was her legs, and so he took up kick boxing as a form of defense. For 7 years he trained, from the time of his beating to the day of his defeat. He misses his original legs and has not practiced since, growing a bit rusty in the form.


(Cook) Good at cooking food just like mother used to make; from slowly simmered roast beef to instant rice. Prefers cooking for long hours for maximum flavor and tenderness.


(Psychology) An old saying was mother knows best・which always stuck with him. In order to be a good mother figure he has to not only take care of people physically, but mentally too.

Medical and Science

(First Aid) Treating someone with an upset stomach or a runny nose to a broken arm is just another one of those things mom gets stuck with, at least in his mind.


(Determination) I am woman hear me roar!


(Infant Care) His stepbrother was born while Chris was reaching his teenage years. He cared for the child along with his mother and helped raise him for 7 years.

Art and Vocations

(Drawing) Loves drawing the figure of a woman. His main subject was his mother, and he'd spend hours looking at his sketches admiring the curves. Though he doesn't draw the womanly figure for sexual satisfaction, others could certainly see it that way.

Character Data
Character NameChris Young
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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