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BW-PC-1A Plasma Core

The BW-PC-1A is a plasma based power core developed by Section 6 to fit the role of a easily produce-able, and high energy capacity power source. It is used in vehicles, generators, and various other systems developed by S6.


The S6-PC-1A is a 1ft tall cylinder with a 6.5in diameter. Hexagon shaped rings run up and down it's heigh with a reinforced top and bottom.

More about S6-PC-1A/History

In late YE39 Section 6 began focusing development and research on civilian oriented technology projects. In the absence of the knowledge to develop Aether power cells, or systems to run on it, Section 6 decided to use the next best thing. So plasma was studied and researched as a cheap and easy to produce energy source outside of what the USO already had. Testing and trials for the Plasma core were finished in early YE40, and now, new systems to utilize this core are being researched and developed.

Statistical Information


This device is a plasma based power source for any system, or technology designed to use it as its power source. Fuel is stored within the center of the core, and remains inactive until introduced to a static electrical charge. Once activated, the rings around the center begin to spin and build up a static charge, which is then released into the inner part of the core and introduced to fuel from the center. This acts as a catalyst for a chemical reaction which results in the formation of plasma which is then converted to power for whatever the core is shoved into.

Unit is prevented from overheating via built in security measures in the technology they are plugged into, in addition to its internal cooling system.


The core has has a heat absorbent gel layer around the reaction chamber. Excess heat is absorbed by the gel and and bled through channel to the core's outer rings to be gradually radiated off. The gel is the same used in the undersuite layer of the Revenant power armor system.

!Safety Warning!

This device must never be exposed to an open flame, shot, stabbed, or ever dropped from extreme height. Resulting explosion which may lead to dismemberment, blood loss, 4th degree burns, and death.

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categorieselectronics, subsystems
Product NamePlasma Core
ManufacturerBlack Wing Enterprises, Frontier Service Corporation
Year ReleasedYE 40
Price (KS)50.00 KS

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