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Department Of Public Education (D.O.P.E.)

The DOPE is the main provider of public education within Section 6. It provides primary, secondary, and university education to citizens in S6, as well as limited pre-school and re-schooling, and holds curriculums on a Polytechnic basis, emphasising engineering and Applied sciences.

In mid YE 42, it was absorbed by the NDC Department of Public Services.

Department Of Engineering
Official Abbreviation D.O.P.E
Department Head marcus_aurdellio
Reports to The Central Aristocratic Government

Role of the D.O.P.E

The DOPE is responsible for providing education within S6. This extends to the following level:

The DOPE is responsible for maintaining, staffing, and regulating education institutions and formulating universal curriculums and courses. It also provides housing for students on their campuses. The age groups for each level corresponds to: 4-6, 6-12, 12-16, and 16-21. Re-schooling applies to people beyond that, often between 35-50.

Power of the D.O.P.E

As a government body, the DOPE has a significant amount of power, though that power is quite limited in scope. The DOPE has exclusive oversight of curriculums and educational institutions. They have the power to hire new educational staff or take over educational duties from another institution when it's underperforming.

D.O.P.E Employees

DOPE employees are mostly reserved to educational roles. Teachers, pedagogues, concierges (caretakers), principals, school advisors, crew trainers, and secretaries form the bulk of DOPE's public employees, dispersed across multiple educational institutes. DOPE also has an internal crew, made up of analysts, book keepers, accountants, and paeditricians.

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