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Helix Plasma Engines

The Helix Plasma engines, or HPE for short is the primary means of thrust system for various Section 6 starships. The HPE are primarily fueled by Plasma Cores, larger applications require larger plasma cores.

More about the S6-HPE

Utilizing plasma to cause velocity, the HPE are incredibly potent engines that have seen extensive use by Section 6. The default loadout for their fleet, ranging from small support ships to the well-known S6S Anvil, an Albion Super Carrier class. By spewing extremely hot plasma, the thrust pushes the entire ship in motion, leaving a thermal trail, though granting a solid momentum. Due to the parts being standard issue and having norms that require approval from the DOFD.

Nomenclature Information

The following section contains general information about the HPE.

OOC Notes

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