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Albion-class Battle Carrier

The Albion-class Battle Carrier is an experimental ship class designed to explore the practicalities of building a battle carrier, a ship capable of both fighting enemy ships and launching fighters, while exploring or cruising unsupported by other ships. It was built to house 4 squadrons (Of 50 fighter craft each) of variable mecha with the facilities to repair them from all but total destruction, and even fabricate new ones.

About the Ship

The Albion-class was designed when, despite the common wisdom against it, the OSO and Sky guard wanted to experiment with the concept of a battle carrier. The Albion is a ship built to punch a hole in enemy ship formations with a decent complement of anti ship weaponry, launch its fighters, and destroy threats to them.

Key Features

The Albion-class has a complement of four full Sky Guard squadrons, large cargo bays and fighter maintenance facilities, as well as those necessary to fabricate weapons and ammunition for all of the weapons systems employed by its craft and itself.

It has a fair complement of both anti ship and point defense weaponry, and is very large. One of the phrases heard uttered by one of its designers was “Built like a carrier and armed like a battleship.”

Mission Specialization

  • Fighter deployment and support.
  • Exploration


The Albion-class is shaped like a blocky figure eight.

History and Background

With the destruction of the Caliburn, a Broadsword Class Cruiser in YE 39 it was decided that the Sky Guard would need a ship capable of launching fighter craft and supporting them in a standup fight with large ships. The biggest issue with her construction was the large crew requirement in comparison to other OSO ships, being about ten times higher than a broadsword class's crew complement at the recommended crew level.

The Albion-class began construction in middle to late YE 39, and her projected date of completion was in early to late YE 40. By YE 43, construction and maintenance of the Albion-class vessels was officially transferred to Conclave Ship Works.

Statistics and Performance

The Albion-class is bulky, and because of that it is fairly slow. However it is extremely durable and has extreme survivability.



Crew: 750 operators are recommended, 200 are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 2000 people. About 5000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 1200 meters
  • Width: 800 meters
  • Height: 400 meters
  • Decks: 40 (10 meters each; 6 meters of usable space, 4 meter thick bulkheads of armor between each deck)

Propulsion and Range

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier: 14, Medium Capital Ship hull, tier 12 shields

Inside the Ship

The Albion-class is a large ship, as it needs to be for a carrier. This allows for multiple redundant systems and facilities, as well as lavish crew amenities.

Deck Layout

  • Deck 1-4: Hangar bays, launch catapults, turret banks and ammo storage/processing, bridge
  • Deck 4-8: Hangar bays, launch catapults, maintenance bays, workshops
  • Deck 8-12: Hangar bays, launch catapults, maintenance bays, workshops
  • Deck 12-16: Armor and bulkheads, workshops, Main gun, cargo holds
  • Deck 16-20: engineering, refinery and fabrication, damage control center, cargo holds
  • Deck 20-24: engineering, refinery and fabrication, engineering, life support
  • Deck 24-28: crew habitation, life support, waste reclamation
  • Deck 28-32: crew habitation, crew recreation, cargo holds
  • Deck 32-36: Armor and bulkheads, cargo holds
  • Deck 36-40: Bottom turret banks and ammo storage/processing

Compartment/deck Layouts

The ship is laid out with the crew habitation at the center of the ship, as well as the CIC and backup bridge. To the front of the ship and along the sides are the hangar bays, each of which takes up space on multiple decks, as well as maintenance bays, while fabrication and engineering are in the rear of the ship.


There are many armories throughout the ship, which hold small arms such as ODM rifles and pistols.


The bridge has stations for navigation, gunnery control, flight control and engineering, as well as stations for controlling the weaponry for each area of the ship, with a different person overseeing each section. Near aft and in the upper section of the ship.

Captain's Suite

The captains Suite is lavish, even compared to the crew quarters. The suite consists of the bedroom, which has a king sized bed, a bathroom with a shower and bathtub, a full kitchen and living room as well and finally, an office with a workstation and desk. Located near the bridge, near aft and in the upper section of the ship.

Cargo Storage Areas

The Albion-class has many cargo holds, each spanning multiple decks. There are four main holds, an upper and a lower at the prow and the same configuration at the stern. The upper holds are located at the prow and stern on decks four and five and the lower holds are a few levels below them on decks eight and nine.

Crew Cabins

Less of crew cabins and more of crew suites, each suite contains two bedrooms, each with a queen sized bed, dresser, desk and couch. There is also a living room with a couch and an entertainment centre, a bathroom with a shower in it and a kitchenette. The cabins are organized in blocks of ten. Located in the midsection at the center of the ship.

Crew Recreation

The crew recreation section of the ship is like a giant mall style complex, containing several shops and restaurants, a theatre, an arcade and a small park. This area is just below the life support and water reclamation systems, and adjacent to several cargo holds. The park has a viewscreen providing a false view of the stars, and is quite beautiful. Located mid-ship on the lower decks.


The engineering bay takes up significant space between the recreational section of the ship and the automanufactory., and serves as the nexus for regulating systems such as power production and ship maintenance. Located aft on the lower decks.


The Albion-class uses a freespacer designed automanufactory to produce more mecha, weapons and ammo, and refine Materials. It is located adjacent to engineering, and is the rearmost

Maintenance Conduits

A network of maintenance conduits run throughout the ship, each large enough for a Junker to travel through to perform repairs. There are also smaller conduits for Liquid Allies to perform more delicate repairs.

Medical Center

The medical center houses facilities for treating most ailments, as well as surgical equipment. Near crew habitation, mid-decks a little towards the aft section of the ship.


The passageways in the Albion-class are spacious, and allow for a junker to squeeze through them, but only just barely.

Power Armor Bays

There are several power armor bays located throughout the ship containing Impulse powered armor and weapons for them.

Shuttle Bays

There are shuttle bays located adjacent to each cargo bay, each capable of holding two tenba class transporters.


Each block of crew cabins has a wardroom adjacent to it. These wardrooms are used as multipurpose rooms, and each has an entertainment system and holotable with computer access. Located a little closer towards the ships prow, on the middle decks.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Albion-class' hull is composed of layered, honeycombed and spaced Osmanium with ADNR reinforcements.

Computers and Electronics

The AI core of the Albion-class is a king type Destiny AI system, and there are backup AI cores located throughout the ship.

Emergency Systems

Inline aether to plasma drives provide power to the ship, as well as BW-PC-1A Plasma Core which are located all throughout the ship to provide backup power.

Life Support Systems

The life support systems of the Albion-class are spread out throughout the ship to prevent failure if damage occurs to one section. The systems provide recycling of atmosphere, including humidity, chemical composition and toxin filtering. The central waste processing unit of the ship is located near the refinery and fabrication unit in the rear of the


The Albion-class uses inline aether to plasma drives for its primary thrust, as well as gravity drives located throughout the ship for maneuvering and backup thrust. This allows the ship to have a decent top speed for its size, and remain maneuverable enough to pull off the turns needed to avoid large debris and collisions. The IAPD's are located across the aft side of the ship, while the gravity drives are located at spaced intervals throughout the ship from prow to aft to handle maneuvering needs.

Shield Systems

Eight faced gravitic and EM (tier 14) (prow upper left and lower left, upper right and lower right. Stern upper left and lower left, upper right and lower right)

Weapons Systems

Vehicle Complement

The Albion-class carries a fair complement of vehicles, as befits a carrier style vessel.


20 tenba class transporters, in hangar bays adjacent to the cargo bays


200 U1-02a variable mecha, in hangar bays across the ship


Model used is a free model from CGtrader.

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