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Osmanium is a self-repairing material made by the OSO. It is similar to Yamataium in properties, but less heavy and slightly less effective at protection.


Osmanium was created in YE 39 by the OSO. It was developed as an attempt to produce a medium weight armor for general use that could also be exported. After the diaspora of previous OSO members, it is a niche but more widely used material. The New Dusk Conclave is now one of its most frequent users.


Osmanium is composed out of hexagonal flakes of graphene embedded into a nickel-titanium alloy that hardens when impacted, heated or exposed to energy weapons, and returns to its original shape after deformation or a puncture. Osmanium is highly resistant to kinetic, heat, and energy weapons, but is vulnerable to cutting implements or any attacks which can separate off/destroy parts of the armor before β€œregeneration”, or return to original shape, can occur.


While Graphene is a material which is known by most civilizations in the information age, the alloy used in Osmanium was once a closely guarded secret of the OSO, and their only materials technology. Currently, several manufacturers linked to the OSO, such as Black Wing Enterprises and Osman Heavy Industries make use of it.


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