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Jack Pine

Jack Pine is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Jack Pine
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Soldier/Government Figure
Rank: X7-Commander/Lord
Current Placement: Section 6

Preferred Plots:

  1. 188604

Physical Description

6'2 in height. Medium musculature, muscled but not bulked. Slightly tanned. Crimson eyes. Medium size ears with orientation of 1 inch from head.

Snow white, short but spiked in the front. Short beard and goatee combo. Long scar on right side of face running over eye, but eye is not injured. Has tattoo of a skull stabbed through with a crimson sword with a large black wing on either side of sword on his back and a tattoo of a jagged helix like shape that forms a semicircle on the left side of his face next to his left eye. Deep rough voice like that of an older man despite his young age of twenty-one. Generally when he hasn't been very active, he smells of cedar scented cologne, but tends to smell of sweat, and weapon residue after combat.


It is very hard to anger him. He is very patient person. Will not stand for the reckless endangerment of innocent civilians and non-combatants. Tends to be cautious and observant unless an innocent is in danger. His hobbies include the modification of weapons, vehicles, and equipment; reading, looking for promising recruits, and playing heavy metal really loudly.

Does not spend his money much unless for his business, or for the customization of equipment. Saved most of his back pay from his time in the military. Hardworking and hopes to claim a planet to create a planet for and run by mercenaries. Tends to be quiet but is open to socializing with others. Will treat others fairly until given reason not to.

Motivated by money, his ultimate goal, to find his lost older sister, and what he feels is right. Loves combat, and always respects his opponents.


Jack Pine was born in YE18.

From what Jack has been told, Jack's mother was an engineer, his father a soldier. Both were stationed on the same vessel during the Third Elysian War. He was born the same day his parents died near the end of the war. Newborn Jack was taken to an escape pod while his father died trying to free his mother who was pinned under one of the ships supports for the corridor when the core overloaded. The emissions from the unstable core lead to the mutation that turned his hair white and his eyes crimson. The overload was caused by damage dealt to the ship during fleet combat against Elysian warships. Jack moved from orphanage to orphanage in Yamatai star systems, then Nepleslian systems, then to the united outer colonies where he met another orphan named Zeke, his future best friend and business partner. They eventually moved to the Nepleslian systems and joined the military when they came of age. Jack showed particular skill in hand to hand as well as weapon/vehicle handling and maintenance, while Zeke showed a knack for communications equipment repair/use. After five years of service they left to form their own private military.

However Jack was actually created by a group of scientist that would later form PsychoPomp LLC. as an attempt at creating the perfect soldier. Obedient, physically fit, loyal, merciless, and devoted to the mission to the point of self sacrifice to achieve completion. The project was dubbed β€œFenrir”. This experiment was both a success and a failure, as Jack fit every criteria until he formed a conscious. Jack still has no idea of the truth and due to these circumstances has caused mental instability on a deep level. And even more is the fact that Sarah who they both believe to be his sister was actually the genetic template used to create him.

In YE39, Jack moved out west and became a Skyguard pilot. He participated in a couple sorties before getting funding from Uso. With these funds he founded Section 6 which was a division of the Skyguard to further technology, and provide a special operations unit. It was at this time Jack would marry his wife Isabelle Kazuko, later having her last name switched to Pine. After sufficient personnel and equipment was acquired, they completed their first mission on Vice, in the Reservoir star system. It was during this operation he found his future son Amit.

In early YE40, S6 was separated from the Skyguard and all skyguard property was removed. This was later replaced as Section 6 became a separate government division of their own. During this time he would adopt Adria Pine and Adi Pine. Neera after her body swap was also adopted around this time.

After a home invasion which killed a pregnant Sarah and several others. Jack's clone Lazarus would kidnap his son Amit. Who was later rescued in a large scale unified assault of Psychopomp assets.

In mid YE40, Isabelle would give birth to two twins. Section 6 would also be the central force of the Xuno campaign. They had significantly expanded their forces, fleet, technology, and facilities.

In late YE40, Section 6 would break away from the OSO to become their own organization. A terror attack by Psychopomp agents where they kidnapped Jack's granddaughter Nora, the daughter of his clone Lazarus. 18 were killed and more injured, and among the dead was Rorik Istavan, a founding member of S.A.B.E.R. There journey has since taken them to the void of space. There destination was set as the star system of Sanctum.

Social Connections

Jack Pine is connected to:

Skills Learned


  • Nepleslian comms techniques.
  • Familiar with most other species languages.
  • Standard knowledge of basic military communications.

Starship operations

  • Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels.
  • Helm operation
  • Astrometrics
  • Navigation


Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles:

  • Mechs
  • Tanks
  • Cars
  • Trucks

Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.


  • Expert at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Brown belt in martial arts.
  • Standard power armor operation and maintenance.
  • Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, and marksmanship.


  • Charismatic.
  • Studies strategy(intermediate understanding).
  • Has learned to clearly spot ambush/choke points.
  • Is not afraid to speak to a crowd.
  • Intermediate understanding in diplomacy.
  • Has excellent experience in commanding troops from his time as a low ranking officer in the Nepleslian military.


Basic understanding in:

  • Camouflage
  • Hunting
  • Shelter construction
  • Signaling
  • Finding water
  • Intermediate in land navigation.

Inventory & Finance

Jack Pine has the following items:


  • 1 pair dog tags with I.D. number and name, metal-tungsten
  • 2 pairs of black cargo pants
  • 2 grey T-Shirts
  • 2 grey tank-tops
  • 2 black leather jackets with red trim, name and rank on right breast
  • 2 pairs black ballistic padded gloves black with knuckle and finger pads red
  • 2 pairs of ankle length pajamas, black
  • 1 pair black flexi shoes
  • 1 photo of family before his birth
  • 2 pairs of black jeans
  • 2 pairs of black boots with red soles
  • 1 belt red
  • 1 pistol belt
  • 8 pairs of boot Socks
  • 2 pairs of polarized shades, 1 red and 1 black


  • 1 wallet black exterior, red interior
  • 1 AwesomeCorp DataJockey black with red outer edge


  • 1 personal comms ear piece
  • 1 Skyguard flight suit with orange highlights
  • 1 R1-SPA PA suit(commander variant), black and red

  • 1 suit of light combat armor(black with red trim), helmet equiped with visor, internal comms device, and rebreather unit for hazardous conditions
  • 1 Canteen black with red cap, 1 quart





  • Section 6: TBA
  • Jack Pine: 45,000SKS

OOC Information

OOC Notes

I'm hoping to build a faction with this character, and I hope others will join for the ride. The biggest thing for him is the end goal, but I want the sister character mentioned to be a big factor of his story later. In the case Jack Pine becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameJack Pine
Character OwnerJack Pine
Character StatusActive Player Character

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