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Desert Rider

The DR1, or β€œDesert Rider” was put together by Jack Pine in his free time after the formation of Section 6. It is a motorcycle made as a personal project of his, designed for better traversal of 188604's desert terrain.

About the DR1

The Dr1 is designed for speed, with a low output thruster built into the back of the bike, and is equipped with tires specifically designed to counteract the traction reducing effects of sand by itself, or on the road.

Key Features

The DR1 is equipped with a weak thrust, and specialized tires, but is otherwise just a means of transportation for one to two people with a small storage space built in under the seat.


Jack even though his usual hobby is guns, decided to try his hand at vehicle design as he does it everyday at work already at Section 6. With his recent familiarization of the tech in the U1 and his new access to information on hand at Section 6, and he thought a more family friendly hobby would be nice.


The DR1 is very geometric in design with flat surfaces instead of sleek curves, has dual supports for both tires, and its systems and engine are visible in the lower section of the bike.

Statistical Information

  • Crew: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: 1
  • Emergency Capacity: 2
  • Length: 10ft
  • Width: 1.5ft at seat, and 3ft at widest
  • Height: 4ft


  • Ground speed: 425mph
  • Range: indefinitely
  • Lifespan: 5 years without maintenance, or parts. indefinitely with parts, or maintenance.


The DR1 has no interior as it is an open vehicle with no cab, but has one seat capable of sitting two, and has an info panel in front of the driver saddle displaying speed, power, GPS, and includes radio controls.

Onboard Systems Descriptions

The DR1 is equipped with a fusion engine which supplies all it's needed power, and is equipped with radio, GPS, and a positional data relay.

Cargo Capacity

Is limited to the same capacity of a glove compartment, with room for small items, or say two pistols with a couple of extra magazines in a magnetic proofed compartment under the seat.

Optional saddle bags are available for additional storage, with various size options of small, medium, and large.

  • Small: 8lb worth of storage
  • Medium: 12lb worth of storage
  • Large: 16lb worth of storage, though this may reduce the bike's speed capabilities.

Standard Equipment

The DR1 comes standard with GPS, radio, and a positional data relay

OOC Information

(Any information that you want people to know about this vehicle for out of character purposes.)

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