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Geist Advanced Interfacing Implant

The Geist implant is a top-secret developed project under Section 6 in YE 39 for exclusive use by USO special forces. The purpose was to create an implant system that would (among other things) provide its operatives with relevant combat information as well as remote control of vehicles and support weaponry.

In YE 42, a new version of the Geist was introduced called the G1-N2 "Geist" Advanced Interfacing Implant 2.0.

About the G1-NI

The Geist is a neural implant installed in the back of the neck at the base along the brain stem, which gives the user an advanced HUD, among other functions. This system is called G1-NI or “Geist”. This however, is given through special reconstructive surgery on the brain stem and ocular nerves through nanoes. This involves essentially ripping them apart and then reassembling them to allow the use of the user's own optical nerves. Needless to say, this process is incredibly painful and can only be partially dulled by anesthetics.

The Implants main purposes are:

  • Allow for wide range of interfacing with multiple devices.
  • Easier access and manipulation of data.
  • Tactical advantages through a HUD function, third party viewing, and advanced tactical interfacing with militarized equipment.
  • Advanced form of control of vehicles, mechs, and ships.


The Implant is 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, has four diagonal protrusions at 45 degrees each around the circular main body and four spikes in a square like formation extending out from the top edge. The main body has a disc like appearance with a upside down trapezoid shaped protrusions on either side, and a multi rowed fin sticking out that is flanked by to large spike like protrusions with there points cut off from the bottom edge. The top side is rather rough with the geometric edges of the various parts of the disc like main body, while the underside is pretty smooth in comparison.


Advanced HUD gives the user all the supplemental functions of a standard HUD with the addition of optical scanning, viewing of holographic windows for data. Another function is interfacing with and control of multiple systems, computer equipped equipment, weapon platforms, small vehicles, and remote controlled devices. This is limited to within 50 feet of the user, but can be increased with equipment that can boost connection range such as power armor, or a vehicle. Connection boosted radius varies by age, size, technological level of said equipment. Also capable of manipulation, management, viewing, and collecting of data received/sent through computers, or other systems that be done through the UI of the HUD. With the final function being, Remote viewing which allows for third party viewing of the user's point of view with given permission through remote connecting of third party's device to the G1-NI.

Tech Control

Technological possession is an ability granted to the user equipped with a Geist implant. This allows them to take complete control of a vehicle, weapon platform, or mechs by using it as host for the user. The object must have sufficient systems and functions to allow this. Hence something such as a bike would not work while something like a fighter, or mech would. The user will “feel”, see, and hear what the object does as well as having control to a degree to that of controlling of the user's own body. This sensory input completely overrides that of the user's actual body, and puts the body into a standby state as all signals are sent to the vehicle, or equipment. As this allows for a greater reaction, due to increased stimuli for the user to receive. This greatly reduces reaction time, and as mentioned allows a greater degree of control. The user however must be in, or have boarded the vehicle to do this, as it is not a remote process leaving this ability to only work in immediate range. However, beware this implant is vulnerable to malware and other dangers to computer systems. Hence the user in conjuncture is also vulnerable to said programs.


Outlines allies in green, enemies in red, neutral/unknown in white, mission targets in orange, and interfaceable targets in blue with IFF's displayed above targets if present, or un-encrypted. Any readouts given by power armor, vehicles, or equipment is synced to the implant allowing it to be displayed in the users vision. This includes radar/mini-maps, targeting reticles, data readouts, directional data such as compass and GPS information. The User's vision has a colored outline in the user's peripherals when this function is active, and the color can be changed to the users preference through linking the implant itself to a datapad. Noted that because of the unique way the HUD function is given and the process to allow it. The user's eyes will have a noticeable slight glow to their irises that is the same color of the HUD itself.

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