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Amit is a player character played by Readlliea.

Species & Gender: Human mutant male
Year of Birth: YE 29
Occupation: n/a
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

  1. 188604

Physical Description

Amit stands at the average height for his age, though he has a skinnier build. His hair is rather puffy and sticks up with a slight curl in some areas, though there are two large curls sticking out near his neck. Green eyes and a strange burn like scar on the bridge of his nose. Amit has sharper facial features and can often be found with a strange grey collar with a red light around his neck. In his arms or hands, Amit can be seen carrying the plushie he calls Companion; which is peach with some red markings and a black patch on its right ear. Yet oddly the plushie shares a similar shape to the scar that Amit has on itself. He currently wears a golden yellow and white jumpsuit.

In his other form, Amit is a black and white husky that is rather big. In fact, he stands at the height of a full grown male wolf yet is rather slim and long limbed. This is due to the fact that his other form was brought about genetic alterations and not natural, thus making his size different than what a husky should have. His eyes somehow remain green but the whites of his eyes are tinted yellow rather than white. His burn scar remains on his face in the same area as in his human form.


Amit's a strange child, he has his smart ass moments with comments and has no problem talking back. Authority has little means in his young mind now, as he knows that those who are tasked with the well fare of others can make terrible choices. Of course he does hate himself for running off from his home and what happened to him, in a way even he sees the slight irony of it. He ran from home to keep himself human but he ended up becoming something less than human. The experimenting has also resulted in him becoming afraid of medical personal and needles, he'll do his best to avoid them. His transformations are often triggered by stress and strong emotion; usually negative emotions. Even in his human form however he has a tendency to go feral. Lashing out if overtaken enough by emotion and trying to find a safer place to be. His Companion is often the best thing that can help calm him down.


Born on Yamatai (Planet), Amit had a simple life. His parents cared for him and he did for them, but there's always something. They were a human family but his parents wanted to leave that behind. Get a better body like the nekos or something else among those lines, Amit didn't really understand the benefits. He didn't want to change, he wanted to stay himself. This lead to a big argument between him and his parents, which ended with him going to his room angry. Not a wise thing, for the child merely grabbed the stuff animal he cherished, named Companion, and ran off. He managed to stow away on a ship to Planet Nepleslia where things would hit a low for him. He had been foolish, and hadn't taken any money with him and now he was in a place he didn't know how to navigate. And in Nepleslia, things can take a bad turn easily.

There was a man who approached him, seeing that the child didn't really fit in out here and offered them a place to stay for a little bit. Foolishly, Amit accepted it and went with them. The man was a agent of Psychopomp who had been collecting the last bit notes on the serum that Lawrence Harbinger had been injected with, for he figured out why the scientist went missing and they wanted to see if they could replicate it.

Of course, the agent had permission from his superiors; once he gave them the notes, but he needed a test subject. Lawrence was a full grown man, this kind of alteration would no doubt affect a child differently. Making life much harder for him. He wondered, what would happen with a younger body? One that had more growing left to do and be able to possibly, adapt to the alteration. Amit was the first option and the man choose to go with making the runaway part of this experiment. At first, Amit was confused and terrified. Unable to do anything against these adults who started to experiment on him. They used the DNA of a Siberian Husky rather than a wolf and attempted to replicate it.

Their experiment worked, Amit ended up transforming even though as he was a child, it made his other form that of a pup in age but not in size. Currently stuck on four legs, they wondered if this would go away as Amit got older; if Amit tried hard enough he has managed to stand up on his hind legs and use them that way. Though his balance quickly gives. So it is possible for him to be able to walk on his hind legs eventually when older as well as gaining the use of his front paws to be like hands. It was hard to escape, breaking free of Psychopomp and their experiments. Unable to use his other form fully due to the collar strapped around his neck, he still managed to tap into some of it and escape.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Amit has the following notable skills:

  • Has a decent singing voice; no professional training.
  • When in his other form, he has increased senses of sight, hearing, and smell as well as enhanced strength.

Social Connections

AMIT name is connected to:

  • Sebastian Line (Father)
  • Angelica Line (Mother)
  • Jack Pine (Will be adopted father)
  • Izzy Pine (will become adopted mother)
  • Companion (friend)

Inventory & Finance

Amit has

  • Companion; a peach cat like plushie that he carries with him
  • Collar; prevents his random transformations
  • Yellow and white bodysuit

Amit currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAmit
Character OwnerReadlliea
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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