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Rose Ironhart-Pine

Rose Ironhart is a player character/conditionalNPC played primarily by Madi Harper.

Rose Ironhart
Species & Gender: Female Nepleslian
Height: 5'6โ€œ (167.6 cm)
Weight 170 lb (77.1 kg)
Date of Birth: 22ๆ—ฅ 3ๆœˆ YE 16
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Teacher, Space flight STEM, Astrophysics, and Astronavigation, Osman University.
Rank: Civilian
Current Placement: Section 6

Physical Description

Rose Ironhart looks much like her sister Thorn. She has the same green eyes, the same brown hair habitually cut once with a knife. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Her face is is distinguished by high cheekbones and a narrow, squared jawline, with a rounded chin and thin nose highlighting the lips. She managed to retain large, curious eyes and a dimpled grin. Her body has a powerful skeletal structure, if it seems a little thin on muscles, though she has very little problem lifting well over a quarter again her weight if she lifts with the legs. While her catlike saunter accentuates the wide hips and narrow waist on this young woman, any Yamataians would instantly recognize that she's visibly spent her life in unreliable artificial gravity.

She tends to dress like a high schooler, wearing loose, comfortable jeans or skintight leggins, often leggings under torn or otherwise damaged jeans, and tee shirts with no corporate or other logos on them, in dark colors. She does like art, and skin tight tees to show the curvature of her back, hips, and C-cup breast.

Her smell is nothing special, stinking like a human, though she is religiously clean and one of the few minor pleasures that she allows herself is a pomegranate scented soap. The voice on the comms is often described as small and childlike, though very scratchy with a deep gravel. She can often be found wearing at least the base layer to a skin contact EVA suit that highlights and compresses her thin figure, and is often wearing 9-pocket BDUs over the lower half of her suit. Due to her own self consciousness about her body, she also wears the leg armor under her BDUs to make her hips appear wider, though the effect will not pass a scrutinizing eye.


Bold and reckless, constantly in pursuit for new knowledge and skills. She is easily bored and finds herself actively seeking out a task or activity to occupy her hands or mind. She does love to read, and her ability to get into dangerous situations undetected before leaving with extremely sensitive or valuable information is unparalleled.

She has the ability to switch between her default pride and integrity personality and a โ€œlost slave, pity meโ€ honeypot with no effort or time, but both presentations are fronts for the intelligence and curiosity that overwhelm her thoughts. She is extremely reserved about her past and can be easily triggered involving traumatic events. Though most will note a bouncy, excitable character with certain childlike tendencies and no concept of fear.

She does, however show emotional problems consistent with minor PTSD, with nightmares, flashbacks, and some paranoia, alongside pathological task avoidance and an inferiority complex. However, a long conversation with her will reveal clinical depression and suicidal tenancies.

Of recent, she has devoted herself to her wife and children fully, retiring from her position as head of Advanced Research and Development to take up teaching full time at Osman University, inso doing, giving herself more time with her family.


Rose Ironhart's official story outside of the OSO is that she is the sister of Thorn Ironhart. Within the OSO, however, this is not entirely true, and an open secret.

In actuality, on XX/X YE 39, Thorn Ironhart was killed in action, and recieved a soul transfer into a loaner body belonging to Sarah Pine, until the โ€œRoseโ€ body was ready. This took about a week. In the growing romance between the two, Thorn felt that she had โ€œblossomed,โ€ and was no longer a thorn in someone's side. However, that part of her would remain as a part of her.

While romantic, it doesn't explain why Rose and Thorn are different people. In YE 39, Rose Ironhart repaired the dead body of Thorn, copied her mind over, and sent the smaller version of herself to explore the stars as herself, while she continued performing her duties with the OSO.

Since then, she has started teaching Astrophysics at Osman University, developed multiple world changing technologies, and married Sarah Pine.

Due to purple kaserine and creative use of hemosynthetic prosthetics, she is the mother of Sarah Pine's son, Michael Pine, and the father of Sarah's triplets, Thistle, Yilan, and Nadine.

She is currently dealing with her recent widowing, her wife, Sarah Pine having died from a virophagic bacterium called Sarah's Disease.

Skills Learned

  • Minor AI systems,
  • Astronavigation,
  • Advanced survey equipment and systems,
  • Geological survey,
  • Advanced sensor systems,
  • G-force dynamics and negation,
  • FTL physics,
  • Exoparticle physics,
  • Acting,
  • General mechanics,
  • Welding,
  • Information Technology
  • Zone-in 1)

Social Connections

Rose Ironhart is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Rose Ironhart has the following:

  • Car, green Zephyr, modified
  • DR-1
  • Suit of Revenant R1-SPA power armor
  • 1x plush mishhuvurthyar, styled after the famed actor โ€œBobโ€
  • Zealot Utility Blade 4)
  • Zealot Utility Blade (Modified) 5)
  • 1x tactical vest, non-plate carrier molle style, black
  • 4x sweaters, various colors
  • numerous tee shirts
  • 5x pair, jeans, blue/black assorted
  • numerous bra/panty sets
  • 1 pair heavy duty armored work boots
  • 2x lab coat, white, 9-pocket
  • 4x pants, S6 Infantry BDU, black (Probably borrowed from Sarah)

OOC Information

This page was created by harpermadi on 10, 29 2017 at 12:12.

In the case Madi Harper becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

Art by Wes using the base purchased from Cozy Cat Studios

Character Data
Character NameRose Ironhart-Pine
Character OwnerMadi Harper
Character StatusInactive Player Character
can lock down all higher brain function to devote full capabilities on a single problem, allowing her to temporarily replace control computers with equal or greater accuracy than original systems. This includes, but is not limited to, modulating hyperspace folds, calculating orbital vectors, maneuvering at FTL, or controlling engines in motorcycles or other vehicles. This is a self triggered hypnotic induction.
a healthy baby boy
A forearm mounted retractable Superior Steel blade of approximately 10 inch length, designed for field utility over combat. Broad leaf shaping with a thick steel plate, fullered to prevent warping or chipping. Included were the molecular knit and retraction system. Purpose: Tier 2 Total Cost: 650 KS See Origin Blade Works Gift for Thorn Ironhart
A forearm mounted retractable ferrium blade of approximately 10 inch length, designed for field utility over combat. Broad leaf shaping with a thick steel plate, fullered to prevent warping or chipping. Included were the gravitic drive, Medium density power cell, retraction system, and molecular knit. Purpose: Tier 2 Total Cost: 2000 KS See Origin Blade Works

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