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FiveR Missile Pod

The FiveR Missile Pod was designed by Galactic Horizon in YE 40 as a small capacity missile pod that could be easily mounted to vehicles and power armour for rapid deployment; although it has a limited capacity, the FiveR is quite easy to reload by hand and needs only one person to operate it.

About the FiveR Missile Pod

The FiveR Missile Pod aims to be an efficient, easy to install, and easy to use missile launching pod system for vehicles and power armour; although it only has five missile tubes, the FiveR cuts back on costs for missiles - and forces users to strongly consider each time they fire. The pod itself is nothing more than a multi-tube launcher whose statistics primarily rely upon the individual capabilities of the missiles loaded into it and is classified as a Class 2 missile launcher within Horizon's missile group structure.

Nomenclature Information

General information about the FiveR Missile Pod, including the designer, manufacturer, some basic information, and a nomenclature tag.

  • Designer: Galactic Horizon
  • Manufacturer: Galactic Horizon
  • Name: FiveR Missile Pod
  • Nomenclature: GH-M2-W4005
  • Type: Variable1)
  • Role: General-Purpose Missile Pod2)
  • Length: 45cm
  • Mass: 15kg


The FiveR Missile Pod resembles a stretched hexagonal prism with the five tubes arranged in the same pattern as the five sides on a dice; the pod is a flat grey colour by default but can be easily painted over by the user if they wish to add camouflage or decorative designs.

A FiveR missile pod mounted to the Zytone combat armour.

Discharge Information

General information about the FiveR Missile Pod's discharge, including details of visible and audible actions and effective ranges.

  • Muzzle Flash: When a missile is launched, a flare of orange flame appears at the rear of the pod as the missile ignites and a small cloud of white-grey smoke can be seen emanating from both ends of the tube containing the missile.
  • Retort: A loud โ€œwhooshโ€ sound can be heard as a missile ignites and exits its launch tube.
  • Projectile Appearance: Grey missiles whose length depends on the specific type of missile loaded.
  • Effective Range The FiveR's effective range is dependent on the types of missile loaded into it.
  • Rate of Fire: The FiveR can either launch all five of its missiles simultaneously or launch them individually at a maximum rate of one every 10 seconds.
  • Recoil: Moderate amount in a backward direction, which is easily countered by the suit or platform the FiveR is attached to.


The capabilities of the FiveR's ammunition is mostly dependent on the selected munitions types; most compatible missile types, however, have an explosive capability - the severity of which is decided by their type and tier.

FiveR Missile Pod Damage Quickchart
Missile Type Purpose
Galactic Horizon Mini Missile Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armor
Galactic Horizon Long Range Striker Missile Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha
Galactic Horizon Tactical Missile Variable3)

Weapon Mechanisms

General descriptions about how the FiveR Missile Pod functions and cycles.

  • Firing Mechanism: When a missile launch command is received, the FiveR electronically triggers the ignition system(s) of the requested missile(s).
  • Loading: Each missile is loaded manually into its tube via the latter's exhaust port on the back of the FiveR.
  • Firing Modes: The FiveR can fire its missiles individually (at a rate of 1 missile per 10 seconds) or in a salvo of five missiles.
  • Safety Mechanism: The safety mechanism is digitised and is linked directly to the suit or platform it's mounted on.
  • Weapon Sight: The FiveR relies upon the onboard systems of its host platform for targeting information.


General information about the pricing of FiveR Missile Pod's ammunition, attachments, and replacement parts.

  • FiveR Missile Pod: 1 500KS

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Firing Mechanism/Timer: 250KS


FiveR Ammunition Price Quickchart
Type Price Per Missile
Galactic Horizon Mini Missile Variable4)
Galactic Horizon Long Range Striker Missile 2 500KS
Galactic Horizon Tactical Missile 1 000KS

OOC Notes

club24 created this article on 2018/08/20 20:50; approved it (using the checklist) on 2018/09/08 09:36.


Dependent upon loaded missile type(s).
Actual role is dependent upon loaded missile type(s).
Tier 1 (Light Anti-Personnel) for Phosphorus Payload and Interference Payload; Tier 3 (Heavy Anti-Personnel) for Incendiary Payload.
500KS per HE Mini-Missile; 800KS per AP Mini-Missile.

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