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Battle Of Glimmergold

The Battle of Glimmergold was the final battle of the Kuvexian War. It occurred on 4日 1月 YE 43 (fourth day of the first month) on the Yamataian Calendar.

History & Background

After the Kuvexian Advance of YE 42 was halted by the Star Army of Yamatai at the Third Battle Of Nataria, Yamatai was able to go on the offensive; however, the Kuvexian homelands were far across the stars and difficult to reach.

In 9月 YE 42, Chusa Sakura Blueberry of the YSS Firebird decided on her own to take her ship to find the Essai Dreamworld previously encountered by the YSS Eucharis and made contact with the Essai there. After some dialogue, the Essai proposed a joint operation in which they would open a portal or wormhole to Glimmergold, the banking and finance powerhouse of the Kagami Galaxy, and destroy it to collapse the Kuvexian economy. The Essai would use their machine planets as anti-planet weapons against the six banking planets and the treasury planet of the Interstellar Kingdom of Kuvexia. The Essai needed ships that could take on the Kuvexian Interstellar Navy (KIN) forces that guarded the system. The Essai estimated some 50,000 starships and various space stations would defend Glimmergold.

Within 24 hours, Star Army's admirals met at Ketsurui Star Fortress in the Yamatai Star System to discuss the unique opportunity to end the war1). After agreeing to move forward, Ketsurui Yui began to seek international military assistance due to the huge scale of the operation. At first, several nations expressed concerns with destroying planets with potentially high numbers of civilian casualties, but Yui explained the necessity and urgency of the operation and was also able to prove the involvement of the Kuvexian banks with mercenary activity in the Kikyo Sector.


Star Army of Yamatai

The Star Army forces consisted of:


Kingdom of Neshaten

Hidden Sun Clan

New Dusk Conclave

Star Army of Uesureya

Results & Aftermath

The Essai and the combined forces managed to destroy all seven Kuvexian-controlled planets and the fleets escaped home to the Kikyo Sector.

The destruction of Glimmergold caused the total collapse of the Kuvexian Kingdom. King Kalapom was ousted, then assassinated, and his heirs had died on one of the planets destroyed in the attack along with trillions of others. Without pay, the Kuvexian Navy struggled to operate at all and soldiers abandoned their posts. Thousands of worlds' economies were left in shambles and hundreds of species were freed from their Kuvexian yoke. Yui and her Star Army would eventually become the monsters and barbarians Kuvexian parents told stories about to scare their children into behaving. The battle also set off a wave of poverty throughout a certain section of the galaxy, causing great migrations as desperate peoples struggled to find their way through the chaos left behind3).

The Star Army created a special award for participants of the battle, the Glimmergold Star.

As of YE 45, the Star Army has sent salvagers (including Second Chance Salvage Corporation) to the battle site to recover the dead and to prevent Star Army technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Star Army Losses

Most Star Army Fleets lost 30-40% of their ships in the battle.

Kingdom of Neshaten Losses

New Dusk Conclave Losses

The NDC fleets lost about 60% of its committed forces for the battle,

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