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"Tachikaze" Point Defense Cannons Type 43

A Point-Defense Cannon System developed by Yugumo Corporation in YE 43.

About the "Tachikaze" Point Defense Cannon

Weapons development lineages for the Yugumo Corporation mostly originate from Motoyoshi Fleet Yards. It was determined that the majority of those designs were obsolete and not viable for their active product lines. Designers in the corporation desired to develop up-to-date modular weapons systems that could be deployed across a variety of ship classes in ships developed outside of their contracts to the Star Army of Yamatai.

The first system that would be designed, which became an active product line in 1月 43年, was the Tachikaze Point-Defense Cannon. “Tachikaze” translates to “Sword Wind” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語). The system was a quad-barrel rapid-fire plasma cannon designed with active tracking through the MIKO Electronics Suite. The system was designed by Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui, an active Chujo in the Star Army of Yamatai.

The cannon design was presented in a retractable “pop-up” configuration with quad-cannons capable of rotation in any direction not blocked by the ship's hull. The assembly would be easily swapped in or out during regular maintenance to ensure faster turnaround times at repair facilities.

The cannons are dependant on their energy source, as long as their power source is operating they can fire.

General Statistics

General Statistics for this weapons system.

Year of Creation YE 43
Designer Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui, Yugumo Corporation
Nomenclature Yu-W3-W4301 / Type 43
Alt. Nomenclature N.A
Manufacturer Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by Yugumo Corporation
Availability Mass Production
Discharge Color electric periwinkle blue
Fire Power
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 6 “Heavy Anti-Armor”
Typical Usage Anti-Armor, Anti-Missile
Type Plasma Cannon
Rate of Fire 4 rounds/second
Range 100,000km (0.0007 AU)
Ammunition Source Ship's Power Source
Price 3,500 KS

Yugumo Weapons Policies

The Yugumo Corporation does not allow the purchase of weapons from buyers outside of the Yamatai Star Empire. Starship models sold outside of the nation come without weapons and are discounted appropriately.

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: starship
Product Name"Tachikaze" Point Defense Cannons
NomenclatureType 43
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)3 ,500.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 6

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