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BW-PAK Phantasm Armor Kit

The S6-PAK Phantasm Armour Kit, more commonly referred to as “The Phantasm” or simply the “PAK”, is a set of replacement plating for the Revenant Power Armor R1-SPA that makes use of the base suit – it was designed and developed by Section 6 in late YE 40 to be used by both Saber and Wraith personnel.

About the Phantasm

The Phantasm is a set of lightweight stealth armour that makes use of Section Six’s synthetic muscle suit, the plates make use of magnetic anchors to secure themselves to the suit – while not the most protective armour it makes use of a powerful combined stealth system to cloak the wearer.

Statistics & Performance

General notes about armor stats and performance


Overall the Phantasm Armour Kit has a rather segmented look to it, the full-body plating is divided up into strips for the sake of mobility without sacrificing protection – the helmet follows a similar design though has a few strips where light can be seen poking through, it is also able to retract into the armour’s collar when needed. For the most part the suit has a fairly smooth silhouette, with the most pronounced area being the suit’s spine where life support systems are located.

The helmet itself is a rather smooth, basic shape with an electronically tinted visor made from three layers of ARTC sandwiched together and then a cage-like faceshield as the outermost layer for additional protection, this visor becomes transparent when the suit’s power system is compromised to allow the wearer vision in case the suit’s sensors become inoperable.

The suit has a rather pronounced ‘hump’ between the shoulder blades that transitions into a series of vertebra-like sections of plating, each of the vertebrae house a power source for the armour while the shoulder hump contains the armour’s life support system.

By default, the armour kit is matte and available in black with red highlights though customised variants may be approved on a case by case basis. This all sits over Section 6’s black, synthetic muscle suit which is used in the Revenant Power Armor R1-SPA.


In mid to late YE 40 it was deemed that Section 6 required a more stealth-orientated suit of powered armour for their Wraith and Spectre personnel, after wracking their brains and with input from some of their more stealth-orientated personnel the Phantasm Armour Kit went into production – a stealthy suit of armour designed to make use of their already abundant synthetic muscle suits as a replacement to the Revenant Power Armor R1-SPA plating when the situation calls for something stealthier. Later in YE 41, it was grandfathered into use by special high ranking personnel only in the New Dusk Conclave.


The Phantasm Armour Kit makes use of pre-existing synthetic muscle suits that are commonly used by New Dusk Conclave personnel and provides the wearer with a lightweight, powerful suit of stealth armour.


Due to the lightweight and covert nature of the armour it is not as protective as some other suits of combat-grade power armour.


Due to the lightweight nature of the armour, the strength enhancing base suit also functions as a kind of mobility enhancing exoskeleton – this helps negate the weight of the suit itself to allow the pilot mostly unimpeded movement while also letting them run twice as fast and jump upto 20 feet in a single bound 3). Due to the covert nature of the armour it comes with no propulsion systems by default as most ideas either gave off too much of a signature or were too bulky for the streamlined armour. It addition the soles and palms can magnetize to surfaces such as the hull of a ship or anything of a sufficiently magnetic nature - this, like many other suit functions, is controlled via the armour's helmet.

Armor Size

Height +2 cm to the wearer’s height
Width +2 cm to the wearer’s width
Length +2 cm to the wearer’s length
Weight 16kg4)

Damage Capacity Stats

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for a guide to damage ratings to include.

DRv3 Tier: Tier 3, Heavy Personnel

Getting In and Out

The torso seal of the base suit splits opens to allow the user to slip in to the suit, the synthetic muscles then stimulate conforming the suit to the user's body. Then the armor pieces are easily magnetically attached on with or without mechanical assistance. The helmet retracts into the armour’s neck area when not in use, deploying It seals the system to complete the armour.

An emergency release latch is located underneath each armpit, pulling either5) of these cuts off power from the armour and then twisting them causes the armour to decouple its magnetic anchors to detach from the base suit. Likewise the helmet’s armoured faceplate is easily detached by holding down either of the buttons that are situated on the helmet’s temple areas.

Controlling the Armor

Movement and use of the suit is stimulated by the slight movements of the users body. Sealing, unsealing, removal of armour pieces and controlling the armour’s various electronic systems is handled by the included Aurora Synaptic Controller Interface that lines the helmet or a volumetric display that can project itself onto either wrist.


The sub-components of the power armor that are not included in the subsections below it will go here.


The Majority of the suit’s protection comes from the Osmanium plating that, while undoutably sturdy, is not quite as protective as the armour plating used in the Revenant due to the need for it to remain lightweight and compact – underneath the helmet’s cage-like face shield is an electronically tinted visor made from layers of ARTC. Overall the armour has equal resilience to kinetic-based weapons as it does energy-based weapons and can hold its own from most non-power-armour infantry weapons. The layer of synthetic muscles underneath acts as a kind of buffer that helps cushion the impact of weaponry against the armour plates.


The Phantasm Armour Kit’s powerful stealth system comes from the Electronic Camouflage System used to visually cloak the armour, this system is used to bend light around the user and hide them from visual detection alongside other systems to conceal the armour from more advanced means of detection. The armour is covered in a series of microscopic spheres that resonate in tune with incoming radiowaves and dissipate the majority of that energy as heat which is then fed back into the suit as thermoelectricity to passively charge the emergency power supply. The armour can also hide itself from thermal detection, while the heat generated during use is usually fed back into the system it can also be carefully vented by the armour’s computer to match the current environment’s temperature.

Life Support

The armour features a full suite of life support, temperature control, and emergency medical systems. Life support can sustain a person in space, or hazardous environments for up to a week. Temperature control systems ensure the user is kept in comfortable temperature conditions for harder temperature climates and to ease exhaustion from physically demanding activity.

It should be noted the armour’s respiration and rebreather system is a hybrid mechanical/electrical system and can recycle air for up to three hours when unpowered, after this point the air quality degrades exponentially.

Emergency Medical

Emergency medical systems include the administering of coagulants and sealants6) to where ever needed in the suit through administration tubes that run throughout the base suit. This module of the torso back section is also capable of administering pain medication if needed. Also a small defibrillation unit is built into the chest area of the Armor, for use if the user registers as flat lining.

Power Systems

The Phantasm Armour Kit has multiple power sources packed into it, each vertebrae is a small fusion battery capable of providing enough power to keep the armour and any accessories attached to the hardpoints powered in addition to an emergency battery that passively charges itself by drawing a small bit of excess power from the armour when it is not doing anything too intensive – it also converts heat and kinetic energy from the armour to keep itself topped up while the base suit powers itself through heat escaping the wearer’s body and kinetic energy from movement.

When running on fusion power the armour can keep itself fully powered for nearly a century whereas the emergency power supply is able to keep basic functions such as the HUD and life support active so long as it is able to draw power from the user – while the emergency power supply is able to run the stealth systems for 30 minutes on a full charge whereas the base suit itself can run indefinitely so long as the wearer’s body is radiating heat.

Sensors and Communications

The Phantasm Armour Kit houses a variety of sensors that monitor both the suit’s and the pilot’s vitals, anything from power levels and suit integrity to heartrate are monitored and displayed for the wearer through the HUD. The cameras that act as the suit’s ‘eyes’ are contain a full suite of optical, thermal, IR, UV, and Low light sensors, with seismic sensors in the boots. Communications include satellite(if available), video, suit to suit relay and standard radio(1LY range).


The Phantasm Armour Kit comes hardpoints on both shoulders, both wrists, both hips, both thighs, the lower back and the abdomen of the armour – each one is capable of passing power to attached accessories .

Female, with face cage Male, with face cage Female, without face cage Male, without face cage

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Saber & Wraith Personnel only
every second week
1g environment
varies depending on user, this is the weight of the average unit
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