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RHI Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry Kit

The RHI-G2 Type 43 “Paradin” (パラディン, Yamataigo-Trade for Paladin) Infantry Kit was developed by Ryu Heavy Industries beginning in YE 42 in connection with the RHI Type 43 "Megumi" Environmental Skinsuit. It was released for distribution to Black Crane Securities in YE 43.


About the RHI-G5 Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry Kit

RHI-G5 Paradin Infantry Kit
YE Production Began YE 43
Designers Ryu Heavy Industries
Manufacturer Ryu Heavy Industries
Nomenclature RHI-G5
Used By Ryu Keiretsu, Independent
Damage Protection Rating Armor: Tier 3, Shielding: Tier 2
Availability Mass Production
Price 2,600 KS

Key Features

RHI-G5 Paradin Infantry Kit is primarily designed to provide personal protection to the user. It has the following features:

  • Provide protection in combat close to light power armor without the expense.
  • Provide protection from Combined Field System sources.
  • Enhance situational awareness via various systems and attachments.
  • Support for additional add-ons.


Traditionally, Ryu Keiretsu Corporate Security (later Black Crane Securities [BCS]) made use of different personal armor systems on market such as the EM-G2 Emrys Industries Body Armor/Uniform. However, this led a very non-uniform look among personnel, and was also a logistical nightmare to manage different supply contracts with multiple manufacturers. It wasn't as much of an issue for those stationed in the core of the Yamatai Star Empire, but it was a serious problem for those exploring far away from it.

The design of the RHI Type 43 "Megumi" Environmental Skinsuit came to the attention of the Mizumitsu Samurai halfway in its development. With Ryu Keiretsu focusing more on the frontiers for growth, Black Crane saw an opportunity to simplify the logistics maintaining their personnel. There was debate among the designers and Black Crane Securities leadership on who exactly to target as their intended user. RHI representatives wanted to market the system to their general defense customers who may or may not be augmented or Nekovalkyrja.

But Black Crane wanted to offer the best protection for their operatives, the majority either being augmented to have increased endurance/strength or were Nekovalkyrja that could handle the increased weight. So it was decided to ensure the Paradin would go to the latter, and the company would dip into their own personal R&D funding to have the final say.

Like most defense contracts, feature creep was present during its development. Initially the Paradin would be an over-suit that would help prevent penetration of the Megumi. Soon, however, it was pointed out in order for the wearer to not fry in the presence of the increasing use of Combined Field Systems in Yamatai, shielding would be required (adopting the Ketsugi).

Later came a desire for better tools to augment the user's situational awareness both on and off the battlefield. This resulted in the enhancement of a prototype helmet RHI had been working on for years (spawning the Yuuki). The end result was a “hardsuit” that requires specific types of equipment to fully function. With the large amount of money spent on it, Black Crane still gladly accepted the end result.



The Paradin Infantry Kit consists of the follow items:

Weight: 35kg


With the use of the different components of the Paradin Infantry Kit, the user is capable of the following:

  • For members of authorized organizations, users able to directly link with the kit are capable of 360 degree vision thanks to the Omnihue and eliminate light and shadow from one's figure to disorient foes relying on visual alone. Omnihue (available for all) can also act as a electromagnetic signal interceptor (radio transmission and signal intelligence) as well as quickly adapt camo to the environment.
  • The omnihue is capable of acting like a solar panel, allowing the user to charge batteries and attached equipment.
  • The user has access to radio based vision thanks to the Yuuki Helmet. While it will announce the user to anyone capable of perceiving it, the user can see in nearly all environments. The user is also capable of creating very detailed 3D presentations of surfaces and objects, allowing them to discover possibly hidden details.

Additional capabilities are possible based on what cybernetics and external equipment are linked to the kit's computer systems.


The Paradin is meant to be expandable and customizable for specific missions. Current first-party manufacturer offerings are detailed below.

RHI-G6-1A Type 43 Supplemental Armor Kit

Made out of Osmiridium, Supplemental Armor Kit (SAK) plating are used to protect vital areas of the human body where key arteries/veins are located. SAK plates are protected from the elements with a coating of heat and water resistant polymer. SAK plates are available for the thighs, upper arm, and lower arm, and feature articulated connections so as to not hinder mobility. They are available in the same colors for matching with the Ketsugi Plate Carrier they're attached to. If the Ketsugi has programming to activate and control the Omnihue, attached SAK pieces sync to it.

Cost: 250 KS

RHI-G10-1A Type 43 Stealth Poncho

The material of the poncho helps obscure optical and thermal signatures through the use of Omnihue and Dataweave. It is waterproof, chemical- and (very) fire-resistant, and features a low-friction coating to help keep it from getting snagged or caught. Kinugoshi-ko allows it to be cut- and puncture-resistant while remaining as light and thin asany other poncho. It features Ryu Attachment Ladder System (RALS) on the chest for attaching mission-specific loads, and features a low-profile admin pocket on the chest and below it, covered slits to access the interior. A Bulletproof Wool fleece liner is available for extreme cold weather operations, as well as Tier 1 protection. The access slits in the outer layer connect to handwarmer pockets in the liner.

Cost: 200 KS

RHI-G7-1A Type 43 Drop Leg Attachment

The Ketsugi Plate Carrier possesses the Ryu Attachment Ladder System (RALS), but many operatives at Black Crane Securities believe ultilizing as much space as possible. The result of this mindset resulted in the Type 43 Drop Leg Attachment. Kinugoshi-ko material over a nitrogen-filled Yarvex Foam core, the outside possess more RALS loops that cover the outer thigh of up to a 187cm tall individual for the standard size. It is attached to the individual's belt and SAK thigh plate to keep stable. Like the SAK thigh plates to which they attach, they come in the same variety of colors to match the Ketsugi, and if connected to an Omnihue-enabled Ketsugi, changes color or pattern to match.

Cost: 75 KS


Smaller (and larger) sizes of all Paradin components and accessories are available for short (Nekos), extra-short (Daur, Phods), large (33A Nekos, 42 Minkan) and extra large (ID-SOLs, Kodians) individuals.

In Roleplay Mentions of the RHI Type 43 "Paradin" Infantry Kit


Here are some mentions about this vessel in roleplay:

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Product Categoriesmilitary equipment
Product NameParadin Infantry Kit
ManufacturerRyu Heavy Industries
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)2 ,600.00 KS
Mass (kg)35 kg
Artwork by GMGhost, in Black Crane Securities tactical colors and light assault pack
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