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Sakura Machinery

A part of the Ryu Keiretsu, Sakura Machinery is a Yamataian corporation that specializes in machine tooling and the production of firearms.

Company Statistics
Established BYE 05
Leadership Ryu Moyoko
Associated Factions Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Tatiana, Inuyama-shi


Sakura Machinery was established in BYE 05 by the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan carve a piece of the machine tooling market and to support their own Ryu Heavy Industries. Sakura Machinery has gradually expanded into related markets such as street cleaning equipment and firearms. Though despite their efforts, they are still largely unheard of on Nepleslia where they sell their weapons under the brand “Johnson and Richardson”.

In YE 42, they secured their first production contract the Star Army of Yamatai for the Ke-M13-W4272 Heavy Armor Rifle. Depending on how popular the weapon becomes, the company had planned on making smaller and export variants available. But the plans were quickly abandoned, leaving using the base platform of the Heavy Armor Rifle to be used in the future.

In YE 43, Sakura Machinery begun manufacturing the Sakura Type 43 “Bushi” Compact Carbine and its corresponding ammunition type for general sale. The rifle platform became wildly successful thanks to Yugumo Corporation adopting the Bushi for internal use and use it as the base for additional firearms.

In YE 44 due to shifting priorities within the Ryu Keiretsu, the Nepleslian Division on Nepleslia Prime was sold off. Becoming Cherry Armory, the lost of the Nepleslian Division is expected to hurt Sakura Machinery's bottomline due to additional steps needed to access the booming small arms market of Nepleslia.

Notable Products


  • Sakura Machinery - Yamatai Division: Rufusland
  • Sakura Machinery - Daichi Division: Daichi, Tsume, Ryou.

Former Facilities

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