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Located in Sector Grid 1511 of the Kikyo Sector, the Rufusland Star System is a single Red Dwarf located just out side of Sakura's Gap, an opening between the Wazu Nebula and the Great Southern Nebula. A part of the Yamatai Star Empire, Rufusland is known for its mineral wealth and it's inhabitants: the Nepleslian Reds.

Flag of Rufusland
Capital Rufusland III, Platform #117
Population 2,609,521
System Senator None
System Governor Chairman Alexander Roth


Astronomical information about the system can be found here


Rufusland was discovered by the YSS Sakura in YE 28 (OOC: 2005) shortly after discovering Hanako's Star. Since no one else had named the star system outside Sakura's Gap yet, Taisa Sydney jokingly named it “Rufusland.” The name stuck, and is now the star system's official name.

In YE 29, the YSS Sakura received orders to meet with the rest of the First Expeditionary Fleet for an attack on Refidh1)2)

In YE 34, the Star Army of Yamatai constructed a semi-submersible Frontier Starport on Rufusland III. A Bravemart is located there.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed global communications networks of Emrys Satellites into orbit of all of the system's terrestrial worlds in YE 36. Since YE 38, Trinary Star Shipping has maintained parcel shipping centers in all of Rufusland's major settlements (largely space stations).

In YE 44, Ryu Keiretsu started building an orbital station over Rufusland III to accomendate additional mining operations in the system. The investment was part of the overall investment the RyuK committed to the region 3).

Exports and Trade

The Rufusland System is known for the following products:

System Materials Exports
Location Name Exports of Note
Rufusland I
Rufusland II aluminum, carbon, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, pumice, silicon, sodium, trace amounts of high value elements
Rufusland III iron, magnesium, titanium, silicon, oxygen, nickel, iridium, pallidium, gold, magnesium, osmium, ruthenium, rhodium and platinum
Rufusland IV volatiles, water
Rufusland V aluminum, carbon, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, pumice, silicon, sodium, trace amounts of high value elements
Rufusland VI aluminum, carbon, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, silicon, sodium
Rufusland VII hydrogen, helium, volatiles
Rufusland VIII hydrogen, helium, volatiles
Rufusland IX hydrogen, helium, volatiles
Rufusland X hydrogen, helium, volatiles
Rufusland XI hydrogen, helium, volatiles
Primary Industries
mining, industrial


As of YE 44, 600,000 individuals live within the Rufusland System. Like most systems within the region, the majority of the Rufusland population are Nepleslian humans that fled with the Nepleslian Reds in YE 29 who live within space stations in orbit around the various planets and environmentally sealed mining outposts/factories. Another sizeable chunk live within the underwater cities of Rufusland III.

The local culture heavily favors personal freedom and materialism when they can afford it due to the majority Reds influence. But it is heavily tempered with a strong work ethic and a “no nonsense” attitude as playing around and slacking can lead to fatal work accidents. While culturally they are more aligned with the Reds of the Fujiko, they tend to form more close knit networks like those on Ukmirt due to constant closeness to each other. Many who migrated to Ukmirt came from Rufusland.

Yamataian influence can seen via the entertainment the population consumes and their interaction with Yamataians transiting the system. Yamataian fashion is popular among the youth, though Nepleslian trends are often mixed together, giving them unique Nepleslian-Yamataian looks. The heavy usage of cybernetics just adds to it.

Minority populations consists of Minkans.

RP Opportunities

A major source of mineral wealth for the Nepleslian Reds and regionally for the Yamatai Star Empire as a whole, Rufusland presents the following opportunities:

  • An extremophile miner of Rufusland III risking life and limb of the extremely volcanic and tectonically unstable worlds.
  • A ship crewmember on a break going from Virginia to Yamatai (Planet)

Local Rumors

The following of rumors about the system or those with in:

  • The Reds have constructed a massive ship called “Götterdämmerung” under the oceans of Rufusland III. Also called “Twilight of the Greens” by others, it will lead the Reds to “freeing” Nepleslains from the incompetent rulers of the Greens.
  • Leviathans live deep within Rufusland III oceans.


The Rufusland System is connected to the rest of the Yamatai Star Empire by PAINT. The main terminal is located at the semi-submersible Frontier Starport on Rufusland III and the orbiting space station serving at the system capitol: Rosenburg Station.

OOC Notes

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Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameRufusland
Map Coordinates1519,1117
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Marker
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 28
Place Categoriesstar system
Risk Levellow

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