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Ukmirt is a binary star system southwest of Fujiko and southeast of Nellrun. It was held by the Mishhuvurthyar back in the First Mishhuvurthyar War. It pales in comparison to its neighbors in mineral wealth, though it still has a heavy Nepleslian Reds presence.

Capital Ukmirt A-3, Takayama Enclave
Population 7,865,000
System Senator None
System Governor Chairman Boris Cervenka


Ukmirt was discovered by the Yamatai Star Empire during the First Mishhuvurthyar War. Occupied by the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX), the system was abandoned by the SMX after their defeat in YE 30. With the SMX and the system not claimed by the Yamataians, Ukmirt became home to a number of colonists seeking to expand out. These new colonists primarily consisted of two groups: Nepleslian Reds and a Nepleslian ethnic group known as the Koerlanders.

Ukmirt (along with the rest of the Fujiko Region) managed to escape the notice of any large scale NMX offensives, but the Second Mishhuvurthyar War saw a rise in Reds already growing population when a number of former pirates begun arriving from the former United Outer Colonies, prompting the Koerlanders (still barely outnumbering the Reds at this time) to petition to become part of the YSE for protection.

Their petitions fell on deaf ears until International Relations Conference of YE 38 when the Yamataians made their claim to the system to create a larger buffer against the spreading Rixxikor. Yamatai quickly built a Frontier Starport on Ukmirt A-3 to solidy this claim. While it did bring the Yamataian protection the Koerlanders were seeking, the annexation of the system opened the floodgates of Reds originating from Fujiko IV seeking warmer opportunities but did not want to live the “independent life”.

In YE 42, a planetary conflict was waged on Ukmirt between the Star Army Rikugun and Kuvexian forces seeking to establish a foothold to attack the Yamatai core2). Most of the campaign took place on a southern continent due to the frontier starport, but several battles took place on various locations around the planet. After the retreat of the Kuvexians, battle sites and areas around them were subjected to Nodal Command 2719 to prevent Rixxikor from breeding.

Description of the Star System

The Ukmirt System consists of the following:

Ukmirt Star System Summary
Star Name Type Radius Stellar Mass Luminosity Temp Age
Ukmirt A K0V Orange Main Sequence 0.0036 AU 0.8 0.391 5,200K 6.0 Gyr
Star Name Type Radius Stellar Mass Luminosity Temp Age
Ukmirt B M4V Red Main Sequence 0.0022 AU 0.3 0.024 3,300K 6.0 Gyr
Main Star Planets and Orbital Bodies
Planet Name Type Distance from Star Planetary Radius Surface Temperature Surface Gravity Rotation Orbital Period Satellites
Ukmirt A-1 Terrestrial Dwarf Planet 0.23 AU (0.05 Ecc) 3,950.02 km 444.63 K 0.21g 45.04 days (retrograde, 22.52 Day Length) 44.89 days None
Ukmirt A-2 Standard Terrestrial Greenhouse Planet 0.391 AU (0.1 ECC) 8,944.88 km 703.82 K / 175.71°C 0.56g 99.84 days 99.71 days None
Ukmirt A-3 Large Terrestrial Planet 0.514 AU (0.1 ECC) 15,927.5 km 300 K / 26.85°C 1.12g 28.15 hours 149.75 days 1 Major
Ukmirt A-3a Standard Terrestrial Planet 6,625.84 km 300 K / 26.85°C 0.42g 52 hours 20.71 days 2 moonlets
Ukmirt A-4 Standard Terrestrial Planet 0.703 AU (0.15 ECC) 11,085.54 km 263.8 K / 175.71°C 0.78g 34.08 hours 241.1 days days None
Ukmirt A-5 Standard Ice Planet 1.2 AU (0.1 ECC) 12,563.61 km 203.95 K / 175.71°C 0.39g 35.04 hours 533.25 days None
Companion Star Planets and Orbital Bodies
Planet Name Type Distance from Star Planetary Radius Surface Temperature Surface Gravity Rotation Orbital Period Satellites
Ukmirt B-1 Gas Planet 0.03 AU (0.0 Ecc) 132,899.06 km 631.74 K 2.3g (cloud top level) - 3.47 days None
Ukmirt B-2 Standard Terrestrial Planet 0.18 AU (0.4 ECC) 12,589.1 km 247.837 K / -25.31 Celsius 0.99g 50.927 days 51.13 days None
Ukmirt B-3 Large Terrestrial Ammonia Planet 0.36 AU (0.5 ECC) 19,240.42 km 205.27 K / -67.88°C 0.9g 30.96 hours 143.9 days None
Ukmirt Belt
Inner System Asteroid Belt. Average
Ukmirt B-5 Gas Planet 0.03 AU (0.0 Ecc) 158,765.32 km 107.27 K 3.86g (cloud top level) - 708.56 days 2 Major

Ukmirt A-1

A torrid dwarf planet, Ukmirt A-1, presents an inhospitable face to the cosmos. Its searing temperatures and barren landscapes offer little to the curious or the desperate. Lacking significant resources or strategic value, it remains a mere footnote in the Ukmirt system's ledger of worlds.

Ukmirt A-2

Shrouded in thick, sulphuric yellow clouds, Ukmirt A-2 presents a spectacle of eerie beauty from orbit, a jewel with a hidden core of extremities. This planet is a greenhouse world, young and tidally locked, its perpetual day side ablaze under the relentless gaze of its star. Despite its hostile environment, the planet harbors an enigma - ancient structures glimpsed amidst the twilight of its dark side, suggesting a past that belies its apparent youth. Yet, the planet remains largely unexplored, its potential wealth in minerals and technology overshadowed by the dangers of its surface.

Ukmirt A-3

A large-sized Yamataian like planet, Ukmirt A-3 is a very habitable world for carbon-based lifeforms. With a high oxygen level and high amount of moisture, megafauna and flora dominate the planet's surface and shallow seas. The planet consists of 6 continental fragments of various sizes and numerous island chains/archipelago groups.

The planet has a higher than “normal” partial pressure for oxygen (very similar to Fujiko IV). While it is not near oxygen toxicity for life accustomed to more “standard” atmospheres, it will be highly annoying (burning in the eyes and lungs) to those that do no acclimatize to the world. But the atmospheric composition and climate of the planet allow the world to be ideal for plant growth. This fact hass attracted a great deal of Nepleslian Reds and Yamataian farmers looking to capitalize on the world's high argicultural potential.

Most of the shorelines of the continental fragments consists of rocky bluffs or shallow beaches that make deep water ports for large seagoing vessels difficult to build. As such transportation to surrounding archipelagos consists of underground railways and anti-grav/hovercraft.

Ukmirt A-3a

Orbiting Ukmirt A-3 is a terrestrial moon large enough to maintain an atmosphere. Though the atmosphere is in a probiotic state with only trace levels of oxygen. Evidence shows there formation of organic compounds and minimal microbe life sharing genetic material from it's parent planet. This and the abundance of mineral wealth the Reds seek has marked the moon a target for terraforming.

Ukmirt A-4

On Ukmirt A-4, the ground trembles with the quiet strength of dormant giants. This garden world, masked by its serene appearance from space, is a realm of volcanic majesty, its landscape sculpted by the slow, relentless forces of shield volcanoes. With an atmosphere thick with volcanic gases and a surface dotted with lava flows and basalt plains, it offers a stark beauty that is as breathtaking as it is inhospitable.

The lack of tectonic movement has created a world where volcanism is the architect, crafting landscapes that are both awe-inspiring and desolate. Despite its potential for scientific study, the scarcity of easily accessible resources has left Ukmirt A-4 on the fringes of exploration, a world admired from afar but left untouched by the ambitions of industry.

Ukmirt A-5

Encased in ice, Ukmirt A-5 whispers tales of silence and solitude. This frozen world, far from the warmth of its star, holds within its icy grasp a treasure trove of chemical and organic compounds, the building blocks of life and industry alike. Beneath its frostbitten surface lies the promise of wealth for those daring enough to brave its cold heart.

The planet's significance to the system's agricultural endeavors cannot be overstated, as it provides essential resources that fuel growth and sustenance across other worlds.

Ukmirt B-1

Ukmirt B-1, known affectionately as “Speedy” among the system's inhabitants, dashes through its orbit with a fervor unmatched by its celestial brethren. This medium-sized gas giant is a whirlwind of activity, its rapid 3-day orbit a spectacle of gravitational defiance. Its deep, mesmerizing hues range from the deepest blues to vibrant jades due to its complex atmospheric chemistry and proximity to the red dwarf.

Ukmirt B-2

Ukmirt B-2 stands as a testament to the diversity of planetary evolution, an ice-enshrouded garden world where the breath of life is woven from the fabric of abiotic processes. Its surface, a canvas of endless white, hints at the planet's serene but harsh climate, where water ice and frozen gases form a barrier to the secrets that lie beneath.

The oxygen in its atmosphere, born not of biological processes but of the planet's unique chemistry, adds to the mystery of this world, suggesting possibilities that challenge our understanding of life's potential habitats. As a beacon for scientific inquiry, Ukmirt B-2 offers a unique perspective on the delicate balance between planetary environments and the emergence of life, encapsulating the silent, icy beauty of the universe's countless wonders.

Ukmirt B-3

Enveloped in an orange haze, Ukmirt B-3 is a planet with over 50% of its surface covered in seas of ammonia. Its atmosphere, a toxic brew of corrosive and suffocating gases, creates a landscape that is as deadly as it is mesmerizing. The planet's surface, obscured by thick clouds, hints at geological activities that mold and shape its features beneath the veil.

Ukmirt Belt

Fairly standard composition of metals and trace amount of volatiles.

Ukmirt B-5

Ukmirt B-5, a large gas giant that resides in the outer reaches of its system, casts a watchful eye over its celestial domain. Bathed in the faint light of its distant star, this massive planet exudes a quiet strength, its presence marked by an elegant dance of light across its cloud tops. With a temperature that hints at the cold outer space and a size that dwarfs its terrestrial neighbors, B-5 is a silent sentinel of the cold void with an abundance of resources.

It harbors a system of moons and moonlets, each a world unto itself, from tiny ice-covered bodies to small, rocky worlds with thin atmospheres. Among these, the presence of cryovolcanism on the first moon adds a dynamic aspect to the otherwise serene celestial ballet, spewing forth icy plumes that hint at internal geologic processes.


Ukmirt A-3 is a world that breeds hardy individuals, a common theme with other worlds within the Fujiko Region such as Fujiko and Rufusland. The vast majority of the population are humans and Nepleslians (both Nepleslian Reds and those wishing to escape the violence). Nekovalkyrja and some Minkan make up a sizeable minority. Separa'Shan (attracted to the warm climate and biodiversity), Helashio and oddly enough Elysian round out the population.

The population of Ukmirt A-3 makes the system eligible for a senator, but the Red majority has opted to rely on the Fujiko Senator to unofficially represent them in the Senate of Yamatai. While the Koerlanders don't really care, this has created some annoyance from the Yamataians. Some even call for a referendum to have portion of the planet they are located be considered separate territory, much like some regions on Yamatai have their own senators.


Koerlanders are a culture of Nepleslian hailing from Nepleslia. Speaking Koerlandese (a mix of real world Dutch and Korean), they historically have maintained an agrarian lifestyle with minimum technology to accomplish it. When the last farmlands were converted to urban environments, the Koerlanders switched to alternative farming methods (aero and hydroponics) to maintain their lifestyle as much as possible. They are also imperialists at heart and when the Nepleslian Star Empire was replaced with the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, the Koerlanders largely left to forge a path on their own.

Ukmirt Nepleslian Reds

Nepleslian Reds looking for a warmer world to live on gradually moved to the world before it was formally incorporated into the Empire. Reds here were part of the initial clones created to become farmers and laborers needed to rebuild Red society. When Red Sands City became heavily industrialized and unable to join the Lianjia colonizing the more temperate regions of the world (for various reasons), they left for Ukmirt. A 2nd surge of Reds occured around the 2nd Mishhu War and the 3rd surge occurred when the planet was incorporated in YE 39, all seeking warmer places to live. With their constant manufacturing of new individuals, the Reds managed to get a population majority in the system.

Ukmirt Yamataians

The majority of Yamataians that are on Ukmirt are Nekovalkyrja that came to cement the Empire's claim on the world thanks to land grants. Historically centered around the Star Army of Yamatai's Koshi Frontier Starport, they have managed to monopolize the post-production, specialized, and shipping portions of the system's agriculture industry. Minkans often find themselves working as middle men between the less friendly independent farmers among the Koerlanders and Red that do not want to deal with the big businesses directly.

Ukmirt Separa'Shan

Diaspora from the Essia Occupation of their homeworld, a number remained on Ukmirt after the war. Intrepid business-people, they commonly act as traders for various communes and interconnect them with their logistic networks.

Ukmirt Helashio

Probally the largest population of Helashio outside of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia after Project Checkout, the population is largely made up of freed Helashio found by Nepleslian Red salvagers. Freed from their suspended animation boxes and feeling a sense of servitude to their liberators, they first lived on Fujiko IV before flocking in mass to Ukmirt with other Reds. They continue that trend, working in the co-ops and corporate farms along their Red partners.

Ukmirt Elysians

Part of the group that left the Elysian Celestial Empire when it rejoined the Yamatai Star Empire, a number of them moved to Ukmirt for the warmer climate. Because of their deep dislike for the Yamataians, they interact exclusively with the Nepleslian Reds and Koerlanders. Elysians historically dominated the more technical fields within communes such as scholars, engineers, and doctors due to underdeveloped education systems. When they do have to interact with the Yamataians, they always use an plebeian or Nepleslian intermediary to do so.

Misc Species

A number of other species live on Ukmirt such as the Kodians. As of late, a greater number of Kuvexian Hybrid have started to visit and obtain permission to live on the planet.


Agriculture is the primary industrial export of the Ukmirt system, supported by the rich amount of volatiles within the system that can be used for fertilizer. Agriculture is divided between co-op farms and commercial farms owned by corporations. Commercial farms are primarily owned by Ukmirt Yamataians employing Nepleslian Reds hired from Fujiko and Rufusland systems.

Using a similar labor system that once existed on Fujiko IV, within Yamataian owned corporations the Koerlanders and Reds perform the majority of the labor involved with farming on corporate owned co-ops while the Yamataians occupy many of the high skill jobs involved with the processing of raw food products in the agricultural supply chain and management positions. This is also present in more locally owned corporations, though the owners are not Yamataians. The largest agricultural corporations in the system are Ryu Keiretsu's United Kikyo Foods Corporation (Ryu-Mizumitsu owned), Koerterra Corp (Nepleslian Red/Koerlander owned), and the Ito Corporation (Yamataian owned).

The Fujiko Development Corporation (FDC) is currently in the process of diversifying the system's economy in hopes of making it more competitive. While not wealthy in mineral wealth like Fujiko and Rufusland, there are plenty of potential locations for mining (the moon and A-3a and the asteroid belt around the companion star) within the system and prime locations for manufactories. There is also a growing biotechnology, computer engineering, environmental technologies, and pharmaceutical industry on Ukmirt A-3.


With the exception of Yamataians who are primarily found within the large Takayama enclave surrounding the Koshi Frontier Starport, most of the population of Ukmirt A-3 live within communes of various sizes (100 to 10,000 individuals). Recently, a great many of these communes are reorganized themselves into FDC backed municipal corporations.

Settlements within communes resemble a small military outpost, typical of Nepleslian Red architecture the Koerlanders have adapted. If a defensive wall is impractical to the terrain, these settlements are built into the sides of hills and low mountains, often taking advantage of naturally formed caves to build into.


Here's an automatic list of all characters currently in this place (based on structured data from their character pages).

Shimura GraceRikugun University PresidentFemaleMinkan
Xavier ArmstrongChief ScientistMaleMinkan

Exports and Trade

The Ukmirt System is known for the following products:

System Materials Exports
Location Name Exports of Note
Ukmirt A-1 no exports
Ukmirt A-2 no exports
Ukmirt A-3 agricultural Products, pharmaceutical, biotechnology
Ukmirt A-4 no exports
Ukmirt A-5 volatiles, water ice
Ukmirt B-1 hydrogen, helium
Ukmirt B-2 aluminum, carbon, calcium, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, silicon, sodium
Ukmirt B-3 ammonia
Ukmirt Belt aluminum, hydrogen (trapped in minerals), iron, magnesium, nickel, oxygen, titanium, silicon, Volatiles, trace amounts of high value metals
Ukmirt B-5 hydrogen, helium
Primary Industries
agricultural, light industrial products, limited metal exports

RP Opportunities

A frontier world of the Yamatai Star Empire, the Ukmirt System has the following opportunity for roleplay:

  • Create a Nepleslian Red and create your hippie commune dreams.
  • Explore the untamed wilderness of one of Ukmirt's “garden” worlds, ice world, or exotic ammonia world.

Local Rumors

The following rumors exist about the system and those within it:

  • Feral mishhuvurthyar parasites have created a kingdom using “hosts”. Waging a guerrilla war against surviving Kuvexians wishing to stage their own guerrilla war against the Reds, their ultimate goals are unknown.


The Ukmirt System is connected to the rest of the Yamatai Star Empire by PAINT terminals at Koshi Frontier Starport and Rikugun Base Ukmirt. Smaller unimproved starports are also present on the planet. High Speed Rail is common on the main continent of Ukmirt A-2 and anti-gravity hovercraft are commonly used in place of maritime ships.

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