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Takeda Minerals and Mining

Takeda Minerals and Mining is a direct-controlled company of the Ryu Keiretsu. The company focuses on frontier/deep space mining, providing resources to the Ryu Kereitsu first and to interested parties second.

Company Statistics
Established YE 40
Leadership Krath'jas Patel
Associated Factions Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Tatiana, Inuyama-shi


Founded in YE 40 by the Ryu-Mizumitsu Clan to fuel its growing desires to re-establish their old business alliance. It took a year of negotiations for Takeda to finally start mining officially in the Murf system. Before that, miners under the protection of Mizumitsu Samurais and hired mercenaries practiced new and established techniques in unclaimed systems away from the Kuvexian War.


Below are current mining operations conducted by Takeda Minerals and Mining:

  • Takeda Mining and Minerals Pebble Mine: Daichi, Tsume.
  • Takeda Mining and Minerals White Hill Mine: Jiyuu System
  • Takeda Mining and Minerals Murf Operations: Murf
  • Takeda Mining and Minerals White Jade Mining Operation: Tange System

Types of Operations

Takeda makes use of three types of mining, mining lasers, manual asteroid mining, and terrestrial mining.

The use of mining lasers makes the mining of asteroids an easier and quick process. A cutting beam cuts of portions of an asteroid and then a graviton beam continuously drags in broken-off pieces into the mining ship. What happens to the pieces of asteroid afterward depends on the design of the ship. This process is largely used for common metals such as iron ore and common volatiles due to the non-discriminate nature of the cutting beam.

For more valuable target ores, more traditional mining methods are used. Ships with anchoring arms slowly attach themselves to a target asteroid. Once this is achieved, a central boring tool is extended to make a vacuum seal and begins drilling a shaft. The depth of the initial shaft depends on where the valuable ore is located. The drill head is then removed and the miners can proceed to begin their work. A mining ship can remain attached to an asteroid for months or years depending on the asteroid.

All shipping of ore between systems is handled by Ryu Shipping Lines.

Pebble Mine

Established in YE 41, the Pebble Mine is a small mine located on the continent of Tsume.

White Hill Mine

The White Hill Mine is another small mine established in early YE 42.

White Jade Mining Operation

After 2 months of preparation, in YE 43 6月, TMM stationed the RKS “Ryu Misaka” in the in the L2 Lagrange Point of Tange IV and started initial probing Ryu K's leased claim sect #6, 8, 22, 18, 3, and 9 in the Tange Belt. High in Platnium Metal Group elements, the corporation wants to slowly spin up the operation.

Future Operations

Takeda Minerals and Mining has one future mining operations in the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector. With mining in the Tange System started, Ryu K decided to delay the start of their leased rights to mine in the Akuma Belt, in claim sect #5, 4, 9. As mined metals and minerals must be processed at Port Siren, the Ryu Keiretsu primarily sells it to the Yugumo Corporation and the open market. The Akuma Belt is also high in platinum metal group elements Ryu Heavy Industries is seeking.

Mining Fleet

Takeda Minerals and Mining possesses the following vessels:


Takeda Minerals and Mining possesses its own research and development department. Below are designs and products that are/will be manufactured by Ryu Heavy Industries.

Current Products


In Development

Below are designs Takeda Minerals and Mining are currently developing. When finished, they will be manufactured by Ryu Heavy Industries.

  • TMM-Y1\RHI-L1 Miner
  • TMM-Y2\RHI-L2 Ashizuri Mining Command Carrier
  • TMM-Y3\RHI-L3 Deep Space Command Vessel
  • TMM-Y4\RHI-L4 Miner
  • TMM-M1\RHI-M2 Mining Frame


  • None at this time.

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