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Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)

A sub-species of the Shukaren, they are different from the Shukaren-Laibe in that they are more human-like, they also lack the superior attitude. They are part of the Kingdom of Neshaten.


The Daur are more known in their culture due to their large craving for knowledge and their constant search for ruins and the unknown. They are also known for never judging others harshly and were the first ones to meet the My'leke and befriend them into their culture and later into their nation.


Daur Adult Female Daur Adolescent Male Daur Adolescent Female

Shukaren Daur are half foite half human, with the tail and ears that match that of a fiote while the rest of their body resembles that of a human. They have a very thin coat of fur that covers their entire body, but it's thinness makes it appear to be regular skin. Though they do have hair, most of the time their hair is the same color as their fur, but sometimes it isn't. Daur aren't that well endowed in their chests, mainly due to their small size, females who have kits are not that big breasted either but females who don't might have decent sized breasts, but not big ones. It is possible for a Daur to 'modify' thier chests to fix this, but that kind of modification is frowned upon.

Appearance Chart:

Color Eyes Fur/Hair Tail Tail Tip
White Common Uncommon Common Common
Red Common Very rare Uncommon Uncommon
Black Uncommon Uncommon Very Rare Very Common
Green Very rare Rare Very rare Rare
Blue Very Common rare common Very Common
Orange Common Very common Common Very Common
Gold Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare
Purple Uncommon Not-Naturally Not-Naturally Rare
Yellow Common Common Common Common

Although lighter versions of all colors exist, they are considered very rare.

Physical and Mental

Because they are half human and half foite, they have traits from that of their foite-cousins but they also have weaknesses as well. They have great hearing and good eye-eight and also good reflexes, but they aren't as far as the Laibe.


Most Daur grow to be around four foot three to five feet four inches tall.


They have feet similiar to those of a human, however, some Daurs may be born with actual paws instead.


Their tails grow to nearly two feet long, sometimes three feet. They can have a color different from the rest of their body.


They have a thin fur coat that is only an inch long, most fur coats are only one color but some may have a secondary color mixed in.


Their ears are larger and more rounded with the top's pointed and upward, the fuzz inside is more profound that that found in the Laibe.


Their eyes are slitted, however, they can't stand the light of day very well and must wear protective goggles that helps dampen bright lights - such as the sun.


They can lift up to their body weight and just above that, but this can be improved upon by exercising and strength training.


Daur have a lifespan of ninety five years, but this actually depends on the health. The oldest Shukaren-duar lived to one hundred and twenty one years old and died in YE 26. They begin to mature at the age of sixteen, though for some Daur this can happen earlier.

They age once every two years.


The Daur are Omnivores, they'll eat anything that is really placed in front of them - however - they have a strong love for fruits, espically those that are juicy.

Sleeping Habits

The Daur don't like sleeping on the ground but instead in high, comfortable places.


A Shukaren Daurs best sense is their hearing, however, all Daurs are born with a poor sense of some type, some are born with a poor sense of sight, others taste, some touch and others smell. This poorness in a sense, is made up for in their hearing.


The Daurs hearing is one of the best senses, they can make out sounds and objects up to a mile away. Most Daurs have learned to stiffle their hearing so that it doesn't annoy them in loud, busy areas.

OOC Notes

Vkaste Artwork is commissioned work, done by Sinziar. Being used with her permission.

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