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Ronica (Planet)

Ronica (a variant for Veronica) is the only habitable planet in the Veronica system, and the new home of Star Army Training Administration.

The surface of Ronica is evenly balanced between water and land masses.

Planet Ronica Ronica

About Ronica

Heading Details
Planetary radius: 7,854 km
Surface gravity: 1. G
Escape Velocity: 11.00 km/sec
Rotation (day): 23 hr
Length of year: .97 years (354.28 days)
Number of satellites: 1
Population: 10,500,000

Continents & Oceans

Ronica with oceans and continents

Symbol Description
1 Gnótt 1)
2 Óòr 2)
3 Logn 3)
4 Flójtr 4)
5 Stórr 5)
Symbol Description
a Naòr 6)
b Freki 7)
c Jótunn 8)
d Kengr 9)


This section provides information on the continents of Ronica.


Naòr or the serpent as it was called is the largest northern continent. Most of Naòr is temperate which makes it idea for product of food, animals and other resources.

On eastern point of the point of Naòr is where Fort Hankou, the new headquarters for Star Army Training Administration was established. A short distance from the Fort is where the colony Fukuoka was established. Tenbun Starport is located between the fort and the colony and handles most of the traffic between the surface and orbit.


Fukuoka was established to support the Fort and also has a strong Scientific Studies Service (SSS) presence. It has a permanent population of 1.3 million residents.


Freki or the wolf lies in the southern tropics. Freki is predominantly lush rain forests, and mountains. It was considered as the primary site for the new fort, until it was discovered that Freki was tectonically active, and had a large active volcano.


Jótunn or giant is the largest landmass on Ronica, it spans both the northern and southern hemispheres. Because of its sheer size Jótunn has the largest biodiversity on the planet with many variants of a species adapted to different climes.

Refugee Towns

In YE 33 the Yamatai Star Empire constructed 500 Refugee Towns, capable of supporting 9,200,000 people with additional overflow capability in the form of tent cities if necessary. This was done to ensure the welfare of displaced persons from the former Yamataian colonies in the United Outer Colonies. The 'refugee' colony was established on Jótunn to avoid having all of the population on a single land mass.



Kengr or arch is the most bleak of continents, it is entirely within the arctic region of Ronica, and forms an arch that runs from Jótunn to Naòr. The majority of Kengr is ice and packed snow, over a rocky, mountainous land mass. Only the southern most edges contain tundra. A small outpost was established on the portion above Naòr. This is used to provide a training ground for soldiers in arctic survival.

The life forms found on Kengr are well adapted to life along its frozen shores.


This section provides basic information on the primary seas of Ronica.




Logn or calm is the only ocean on Ronica to be completely land locked. This makes it home to a host of unique aquatic life.




Ronica has an extensive biosphere, with thriving creatures in all niches.

Communications Network

In YE 34 a network of EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellites were put in place allowing the various settlements to have continuous communications.

Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 32
Place Categoriesplanet
abundance, Norse
furious, Norse
calm, Norse
swift, Norse
(huge, Norse
serpent, Norse
wolf, Norse
giant, Norse
arch, Norse

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