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Leaving a Plot or The Community

Many online communities tell you how to join, but few have a guide to leaving. Star Army isn't here to hold you against your will. Whether you're just too busy or just not having fun anymore, this guide explains how you can exit gracefully while avoiding hurting people's feelings and plots.

Think First

Before deciding to leave, consider these options:

  • Most plot ships allow players to have a “Leave of Absence” that will allow you to be gone for a long period without having to leave a plot. If you're going to basic training in the military, or moving, or getting married (etc) we will do our best to accommodate you. We can give a character orders to an “off-camera” training course or something.
  • If you're considering leaving because you're not satisfied with the site or had problems, let Wes know so the admin team can try to fix the issues. If a problem with a particular member is making you think about leaving, contact the administration with evidence of that player's inappropriate behavior. Maybe they should be the one leaving, not you.

If You Decide To Leave

Please respect your fellow members by following the etiquette below:


  • If possible, let Wes and your GMs know the reason for your departure. Try to give them at least 3 days notice.
  • If you have time, let the Game Masters of plots you're in know that you're leaving, and work out with them a way to get your character transferred or moved out of the plot. If possible, play until the end of the mission. This will keep the plot from suffering a slowdown caused by players waiting on your post, and will keep the GM from struggling to play your character properly. You have the right to take your player character (but not NPCs) with you to another plot.
  • If you had a good time, let people know! Even though we're sad you're going, it helps to know you enjoyed the time we spent together.
  • Review the Character Adoption Policy and add notes to your characters if desired.


  • Don't just suddenly disappear without saying anything or letting anyone know.
  • Don't post depressing or hateful goodbye messages - no need to bring everyone else down.
  • It seems obvious, but if the RP no longer brings you any enjoyment or excitement, don't just linger and make everyone else miserable. Go elsewhere and find fun!

Account Removal

  • If you wish for your forum and/or wiki accounts to be deleted, you can private message Wes on the forums or email him at [email protected] - accounts will usually be removed within 48 hours.
  • We do not remove wiki articles or forum posts that are part of the canon.

Returning Later

If you change your mind, even after you leave, know that you're welcome back.

When People Disappear

If a staff member, game master, faction manager, moderator, or administrator does not post in 30 consecutive days, we have to assume that they no longer have the ability to perform their duties; therefore, they will be relieved of them. If the member returns after a disappearance, these positions of power should not be restored until a reasonable amount of time has passed in which the member shows activity and good behavior.

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