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Planet Kotori

Kotori is the second planet in the Kotori System.

Kotori Globe


Planet Kotori was originally colonized under the control of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. Due to the unique environment the original colonists named it Goumon torture. A prison was constructed but not used by the colonists. It was under the 5XF protection until YE 29 when the Mishhuvurthyar conquered the Bard Cluster. It was then under the control of the Mishhuvurthyar until their defeat in YE 30. Ironically the prison constructed by the colonists was used by the Mishhuvurthyar during their occupation.

In YE 33 in recognition of the accomplishments of Kotori, the commander of the YSS Miharu, it was renamed Kotori. In mid YE 39, Fort Hajime was built on its surface to prepare for and one day, hopefully, combat fully the enemy of the War with Kuvexia.


A system of planetary thrusters keeps the planet from becoming tidally locked. Note that since Kotori orbits a red dwarf star, the lighting conditions of the planet are reddish and somewhat dim, and that this is a low-gravity world. Consequently, many facilities have enhanced gravity and plentiful lighting systems.


Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.


This is the land mass where the colony was established. It was given the name because from orbit it resembled a large sea turtle. There is a large inland ocean that lies between the two settlements. The ocean lies a mile above sea level. The two settlements are 1,600 miles apart by design to help reduce the possibility of a biological outbreak hitting both.


Genseirin is the primary population on Kotori, it is also home to the planetary starport.

Genseirin means “primeval forest” in Yamataian.

More details on Genseirin.


Itadaki is the second population, it is situated between two mountain tops along the ridge between them.

Itadaki means “summit” in Yamataian.

More details on Itadaki


Konbu is the landmass just north of Shougakubou. The is where the prison was built. Konbu means sea tangle, because when the colonists arrived it looked like a patch of seaweed that the the Shougakubou was after.

Ouchi Prison

This is the prison complex that was constructed early in the colonies past, it has been upgraded over the years in accordance with Yamatai Star Empire laws.

Ouchi means “pit” in Yamataian.

Details on the Ouchi Prison. The Ouchi Memorial was created after the Mishhuvurthyar occupation.

Communications Network

In YE 34 a network of EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellites were put in place allowing the various settlements to have continuous communications.

Planetary Details


Type: Standard iron/silicate Radius: 5108.05 km (0.80 x earth) Surface Area: 3.28 x 108 km2 Land Area: 1.67 x 108 km2 (1.12 x earth) Mass: 2.59 x 1024 kg (0.43 x earth) Density: 4.65 g/cm3 (0.84 x earth) Composition: 38.0% oxygen, 32.5% iron, 26.9% silicon, 1.8% other metals, 0.8% other elements


Gravity: 6.60 m/s2 (0.68 x earth) Escape Velocity: 8.21 km/s


Period: 34.94 hours Axis Tilt: 26.08 °


Water: 50 % Ice: 10 %


Type: Standard breathable Pressure: 121.54 kPa (1.20 x earth) Composition: 88.5% argon, 11.5% oxygen, trace other gases


Type: Standard Min Temp: 230 K (-42 °C) Avg Temp: 299 K (26 °C) Max Temp: 339 K (66 °C)


Originally biosphere on Goumon was predominantly plant based, with a number of insects. Life in the sea had a number of marine creatures, and vast kelp and plankton fields.

During the colonization a number of hybrid plants were developed by genetically crossing Yamataian plants with native ones. Many of these serve as part of the primary food stuff for the colony. When the colony had suitable fields of grain and grasses growing, cattle and other grazing animals were introduced.


Type Colony Population: 6.37 million


Features: 4 small moons

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