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Genseirin is the primary population on Planet Kotori, it is located on the continent of Shougakubou. It is the planetary capital. Genseirin means β€œprimeval forest” in Yamataian

Genseirin and surrounding area

Population: 4,777,500 Demographics:

Kamome Spaceport

Kamone Spaceport is the largest facility in the Bard Cluster. It serves as both a space port and the colonies primary aerospace craft port. There is a station for the planetary rail system that connects Genseirin and Itadaki. The run by rail takes 15.45 hours one way. The Spaceport gets its name from the species of seagull introduced that use the outskirts as their nesting grounds.

The Spaceport has the following features:

  • Repair Facilities
  • Security
  • Cargo handling
  • Passenger services
  • Hotel

Kamone Spaceport is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Amatsu-Yamatai, Yamatai (Planet) every two hours.

Seahorse Bay

Seahorse bay is named such for the seahorses that were populated in it. The bay is one of the planets major resources, it is home to a variety of shell fish, extensive seaweed fields and algae. The algae is kept in areas to flourish and be harvested. During the first years, the group was attached by swarms of mysid shrimp. These tiny shrimp were able to swim through the protective screen, and feast on the algae. The introduction of Seahorses was a biological sound method as they fed on the shrimp.

The algae when harvested is processed into a oil which is then used for the manufacture of lubricants and polymers.

The bay has modified clams, oysters, crabs, and lobsters living in it. These are harvested and replacements released back into the bay from hatcheries.

Giun Ocean

Giun low-cloud overcast ocean is the inland sea that is between the two settlements. It is home to the planets fisheries. Genetically bred tuna, salmon which are released and later caught when mature. The population of fish has reached a level of self maintaining. The fisheries are now at work on producing another crop fish to introduce into the sea.



Genseirin was home to some of the natural forests, which are a remarkably hard wood. This wood is excellent for carving and making decorative furnishings. The locals replant every field of trees that they harvest.


Genseirin has an extensive silkworm industry. The unmodified silk worms flourished on a diet of the natural plants. It was not long before huge containment domes were created to serve as silk farms.


In YE 34 a EM-K6 "Kouteki" Grav-Bus service was added to the city infrastructure with service to Itadaki and the Ouchi Memorial.


A Community Backup Center is present at the center of the government complex.

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