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Community Backup Center

These facilities are unique to Yamatai Star Empire. In accordance with Memory Backup Protection Act of YE 30 all citizens of the Empire are entitled to making a backup every three months at no cost. A Community Backup Center is usually found in any town or city with a population of 5,000 or more. In some cases there may be more than one depending on the population. All facilities are linked via SYNC this is to ensure that a citizen only has a single backup.

The Facility consists of the following areas.

Reception Area

The front of the center is the Reception Area. This is a waiting area were the citizens report to the desk to state the purpose of their visit. The room is open and bright with artificial lighting and large windows. Depending on the facility size they are then directed to the specific room they need to go to. The reception desk also serves as a security checkpoint. The windows however are not glass but Transparent Durandium. The door way has an integrated scanner that notifies the receptionist if the person is carrying a weapon.

Backup Room


This room is where citizens come and actually perform a mental backup. There is a waiting area where the citizen answers a few simple questions. They have the option of making a complete backup, or update an existing one. Once they have made their selections, if there is a unit free they are taken into the Backup Room to accomplish their backup.


Because minors have the right to mental backups, the centers must have facilities for them. In addition to the standard space for the person having the backup. There is a chair where the parent(s) or guardian(s) can watch over their child during the procedure. In fact the procedure can not be performed without an observer.

All facilities now use the Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Units.

Backup Storage Facility

This facility is located in the lowest part of the Center. It is one or more rooms shielded with Zesuaium or Osmiridium. Inside the room is a collection of data storage modules. Access to the room is restricted to maintenance personnel only. Data is accessed remotely. Located in the chamber is an emergency power supply.

Security Office

Due to the sensitive nature of the center, they maintain a security presence 24 x 7. The Security office can monitor internal cameras that can see all areas of the center if necessary. Under normal circumstances they monitor the public spaces.


  • Full body scanner to look for weapons.
  • Internal security cameras
  • Isolation force fields to prevent intrusion.


This area is used when restoring a citizen from their backup. It is used for resurrection/restoration and This is a restricted room. Only cloning technicians are permitted in the room. The room is dominated by Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube which are used to create replacement bodies, and to download the backup into the new body.

When possible the facility will have the individual or their family bring some clothes for the person to wear. If there is no one to bring clothes the person is given a disposable jumpsuit and sandals.

Body Transfer

This room is designed to handle body transfers/upgrades. It features Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Units paired with Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube. Before a body transfer will be done, a background and security check must be performed to ensure the person is not a fugitive.

Prior to the upgrade the citizen disrobes and puts on a hospital gown. When the the upgrade is complete the person is given the clothes that they arrived in.

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