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Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube

These tubes are filled with fluid based on Nekovalkyrja blood, which analyzes and repairs injuries and defects to the occupant's body. They are typically used when a crew member has taken major damage. The tubes can also generate new bodies for mental backups to be written to. This system is tied into the Nodal Liquid Conduit System.

The standard tube is 8' in height, 4' in width, 2' in depth. Located at the top is the control unit. This is what guides the healing/growing process. Hemosynthetics fluid fills the tube from the bottom, and is extracted from the same ports. In the case of creating a new body, once the tube is full the control unit releases a genome seed that the nanomachines will use as their template. The tube opens in the front to allow the the patient to be placed in, and the healed or constructed person to be removed. The seam on the tube interlocks and has a seal to prevent leaks. The tube is covered in a polarizing material that allows the tube to be rendered transparent. This allows observers such as medical personnel lab attendants and quality assurance personnel to check for visible defects as the process runs. Additionally a webbing forms around the body to hold it in place until it is ready to be released.

Hemosynth Tube view

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