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Memory Backup Protection Act of YE 30

Proposal # 75: Memory Backup Protection Act was proposed to the Senate of Yamatai by Hanako in YE 30 where it passed with a vote of 2 Yay (Hanako Worlds, Warmaster Worlds) / 1 Abstain (Ohara) / 1 Nay (Lor). A United Outer Colonies vote in opposition of this was never counted due to the fact there was no clear โ€œyesโ€ or โ€œnoโ€ answer.


  1. To protect the rights and lives of the Yamataian people.
  2. To reinforce the following laws:
    1. Every citizen and plebeian has the right to their own thoughts, opinions, and mind (Proposal 3, Item 8 ).
    2. It is illegal to clone (make physical copies of) or ST-clone (make mental copies of) any Star Army citizen/plebeian/soldier that you do not own without their consent (Proposal 39, Item 2).
  3. To strengthen the Star Army of Yamatai.


  1. Anyone who commits the following dishonorable acts:
    1. Uses a mental backup (ST) machine to make a copy of someone who has not been confirmed as dead (or missing and presumed dead for over 2 months), with the exception of the military project below listed in Item 4,
    2. Uses a mental backup (ST) machine to bring back ANY person's copy (citizen or not) for any malicious purpose to include mental, physical, or sexual abuse,
    3. Attempts to steal someone's identity through soul-transferring themselves into an occupied body,
    4. Tampers with stored mental data,
    5. โ€ฆshall be punished by being put to death and have all copies of their mental backups (if existing) erased.
  2. Yamataian citizens have a right to back up their minds every three months. Citizens should write a will dictating how and when they should be revived. The Yamatai Star Empire (or agencies thereof) shall keep backup centers in all cities with a population of 5,000 or more.
  3. The existence of a mental backup will not be considered in murder (malicious killing) or cases. The defendant will be tried as if he had killed the victim permanently. The existence of a mental backup, can, however, to be used to mitigate the punishments for accidental/involuntary actions resulting in the death of another.
  4. Template soldiers (basic ST โ€œStartingโ€ personalities and information) are acceptable for production by the Star Army of Yamatai. This is a clarification relating to the mass-production combat arms Nekovalkyrja and Sprites.

OOC Notes

Wes created this article prior to 2014 and Kim created a new version of this article on 2018/01/27 05:38. On 2/22/18 these articles were merged.

Proposal # 75: Memory Backup Protection Act was written by Wes on 12 Nov 2007 and was passed on 25 Nov 2007.

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