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Kilnar is considered the nicest star system in the Bard Cluster and historically had a pirate problem..

The YSS Sheridan made its jump into the Kilnar system, just outside of the Kilnar IX's orbit. The hard truth of the situation was about to become apparent. Upon exiting hyperspace, a swarm of 26 Bellystabber IIs emerged from around one of the Kilnar IX's satellites in a pyramid formation. The three other flight groups launched from the Irim, and moved into an offensive pattern. According to protocol they would hold fire until fired upon.

Kilnar's flag

From: Mission 005-01 A Trail of Fire (17th Armor Wing)

  • Star: (1) Yellow Dwarf
  • Star Name: Kilnar
  • Type: G (Spectral Class)
  • Surface Temperature: 5,500 K
  • Average Mass (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.1
  • Radius (In comparison to earth’s sun): 1.1
  • Yerkes Luminosity: Type V

Number of planets: 6

  • Kilnar II Most likely an errant asteroid of some sort that was pulled into orbit around Kilnar's star. The orbit is slowly collapsing; in about 2,000 years, the asteroid will fall into the star.

Number of inhabitable planets: 2

  • Kilnar III (A Desert World) An inhabitable planet in a few places, but otherwise unmentionable. It acts as the base of several pirate groups because it is between Taiie IV and Murf. Kilnar IX is closest to Taiie IV.
  • Kilnar VII (A Forest World)

In YE 30, Kilnar was released to the Yamatai Star Empire's control as part of the Intergalactic Armistice Agreement of YE 30 (IAA) signed at the International Relations Conference of YE 30.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Satellites into orbit in YE 36. Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

"Guriddo" Defense System

In YE 33 the Fourth Fleet deployed 4SF Standard "Guriddo" System Deployment for the defense of Kilnar.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameKilnar
Map Coordinates1810,1276
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Marker
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
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