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Yugumo Keisatsu Titles and Organization

Keisatsu ranks are divided into Administrative Officials, who manage the Keisatsu from its central and branch headquarters, and Keisatsu Officers, who are active law enforcement and security officers with or without supervisory authority.

Security officers who work aboard spacecraft follow Yugumo Merchant Spacy instead.

Administrative Officials
Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Commissioner General Keisatsu-chō Chōkan (警察庁長官) Shacho Rank Insignia Shôshô
Superintendent General Keishi-sōkan (警視総監) Fuku-Shacho Rank Insignia Taisa
Senior Commissioner Keishi-kan (警視監) Senmu Rank Insignia Chusa
Commissioner Keishi-chō (警視長) Jomu Rank Insignia Shosa
Assistant Commissioner Keishi-sei (警視正) Bucho Rank Insignia Taii
Police Officers
Trade (language) Yamataigo (邪馬台語) Insignia Equivalent SAoY Pay Grade
Superintendent Keishi (警視) Jicho Rank Insignia Chui
Chief Inspector Keibu (警部) Kacho Rank Insignia Shoi
Inspector Keibu-ho (警部補) Kakaricho Rank Insignia Shoi Kohosei
Sergeant Junsa-buchō (巡査部長) Jōtō Shunin Rank Insignia Jôtô Heisho
Senior Constable Junsa-chō (巡査長) Ittō Shunin Rank Insignia Ittô Heisho
Constable Junsa (巡査) Nitō Shunin Rank Insignia Nitô Heisho
Constable Cadet Junsa-shi Kōhosei (巡査士候補生) Santō Shunin Rank Insignia Jôtô Hei

Administrative Officials

This is the senior leadership of the Keisatsu, who are in charge of day-to-day business as well as strategic operations. Although they are sworn to enforce the law and possess the powers of arrest and summons, they are not directly involved with active law enforcement or security operations.

Commissioner General

The Commissioner General is the head of the entire Yugumo Keisatsu.

Superintendent General

The Superintendent General is the ultimate supervisor of all Keisatsu Superintendents.


The various levels of commissioners oversee the adminstrative and managerial functions of various departments within the Keisatsu. Large enough divisions have a Senior Commissioner with subordinate commissioners managing subdivisions, while a small enough division might be headed by a Junior Commissioner alone.

Keisatsu Officers

These are the working patrol officers and detectives who carry out the Keisatsu's law enforcement and security mission.


A Keisatsu Superintendent manages a local Keisatsu precinct. Chief Inspectors and Sergeants report to their local Superintendent.

Chief Inspector

A Keisatsu Chief Inspector supervises detectives.


A Keisatsu Inspector is a detective without any supervisory or management duties.


A Keisatsu Sergeant supervises constables.

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