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MYPAT is a camouflage pattern used by Yugumo Corporation and its subsidiaries such as Takeda Fleet. It blends into Yugumo Corporation facilities and ships, and is also a form of Dazzle Camouflage, for when breaking up the silhouette is more important than blending in. The name comes from “Motoyoshi Pattern.” It was first used in YE 42 on the Takeda Fleet variant of the Star Army Poncho, Type 38.


MYPAT has eight colors:

The colors are arranged in irregular digital blob shapes.

Artists: Click the image below for a large camouflage swatch you can use for Yugumo Corporation artwork.

MYPAT Swatch


WINTERPAT is an alternate camouflage, also made of eight colors, for use in snowy or tundra environments.


OOC Notes

Yuuki created this article on 2020/03/11 06:33.

Inspired by the real life CADPAT in honor of our Canadian SARPers and the brave and intrepid warriors of the Canadian Armed Forces. 🇨🇦

MYPAT sample created at using the “Maple Warrior” preset in a different palette.

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